As sophisticated as an aristocat or was that an aristocrat?

_DSC0673I egotistically like to think of myself as someone with great taste and the ability to engage in refined conversation. On occasion I have even been described as being….sophisticated (I know this ego of mine is expanding as I recall such lovely comments).

However to be truthful I am no more sophisticated or refined than the next commoner on the street.

One thing I suffer from is having a “slip of the tongue” on many a finer occasion…..

Slip 1-

Sitting in airport I decide to order myself a “rosé wine”. Horrifyingly I asked the woman for a “rose wine”. Blushing as red as a rose recalling this memory-Ego shrinking.

Slip 2
Telling someone I would like to collect “hair-loom steiff bears” as opposed to the more commonly collected “heir-loom steiff bears”. Perhaps the person thought I was just collecting “hairy bears”, eek…….

Slip 3-
Proudly declaring to someone I just loved Versailles while possibly boring them with an overload of photos of Versailles. Shame Versailles is pronounced “Verr- Sai” rather than “Ver- sails”.

Slip 4-
Bustling up to the beauty counter in my best Australian accent. “Yes I use the lan- come”. I later found out its pronounced more like “lahn-kuum”. However I have heard “lon-com” used also. Estee lauder is so much easier to say.

Slip 4-
“Yes, I would like to order the lovely chorizo and mushroom ragout”. That would be the Ra-gooooo madam? – cringing, yes that would be correct. Rag-out- what was I thinking??

Slip 5-
My husband told me when we first got together I looked like an aristocrat with my long neck (he could have just called me a giraffe). I excitedly told someone “He is just so sophisticated; he said I had a neck like an aristo-cat”.

It could be worse-
A lovely friend on mine told me a friend of hers was getting a tattoo. The friend was going to get a channel on her arm. “A channel”- I was stumped. “You know the brand?” my friend informed me. “Oh, you mean Chanel” (my ego momentarily grew).

The point- It happens to the best of us (some more than others). Anyhow I am off now to indulge in a glass of fine rose wine and a bowl of rag-out.

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10 Things I am loving this month- (possibly inspired by a fortnight in Melbourne)

walnut leopard slipperwww.jessicasarahdotcom.comasos sneaker

1-Macaroons- In particular ones found in pretty and narrow high ceiling arcades with lush names such as pistachio and strawberry or elderflower and rose water ( or something along those exotic lines). Macaroons are the most luxurious 2 bites of heaven for a not so mere $2.80 (or $1.40 a bite).

2-Walnut Leopard Flats- When in Rome….. Well when in Melbourne the footwear of choice was flats. 99.9 per cent of urban street fashionistas were sporting flats. I followed suit and walked about 60km in these shoes without a blister in sight.

3-The sneaker/wedge- I don’t own sandshoes/runners/sneakers/joggers. However I do own these- sneaker wedges (pictured). What a hybrid, what a possible fashion faux pas of the future. These shoes aren’t exactly me (they are so not a tan wedge).However they do ignite endless conversation about why I bought them.

4-Navy Royal Trench Coats- An absence of the usual abomination of black in the city this winter. A trend of navy and cream woollen trench coats blazed over the city. A little bit royal, a little bit classy, a little bit Kate Middleton….

5-Real Hot Chocolate- A stop to “Chokolait” in Little Collins St is a must do. Yes these real hot Belgian chocolates are a decadent $6.30 but really worth every sip. Besides, after all that walking around the city I had burnt enough calories to indulge in one and perhaps a glazed orange choc dipped delicacy to boot.

6-Night Time City Walking- Ok it wasn’t Paris but a city definitely has a romantic ambiance of an evening particularly in the dead of winter. Especially when combined with a crepe bought from a French street seller. Maybe not so romantic after repetitively saying to my husband “Isn’t this just so romantic?”

7-Spring Pastels- Ok it was so cold, however loving browsing next season’s spring pastels. Loving my new number from Maxim-which already has had on outing even if it was hidden under my navy trench coat 99 per cent of the time after an early morning photo shoot!!!.

8-Cue’s city shopfront- A very inviting display of Geometric floral patterns in waist cinching designs that begged “Try me on”.

9-Polar Fleeced Tights- What an invention!!-Silky on the outside and a layer of the world’s most hideous yet so warm polar fleece fabric on the inside. Ingenious- why didn’t I know about this earlier?

10-Targets new advertising campaign “Get your GOK on” was apparent everywhere in the city- I am a bit of a Gok fan after watching many episodes of “How to look good naked” when I was in England a few years ago. He actually makes me want to shop in Target or should I say “Tarjay”.

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The miu miu bag in Prahran

miumiu-real or fake?I seem to be constantly writing about handbags. Here I go again.Last week I was shopping in Prahran, Melbourne. I love the shopping out there. For anyone that likes niche, interesting fashion finds Prahran is the place to head.

One thing that Prahran boasts is its wide variety of consignment and second-hand boutiques. These stores aren’t your average run of the mill second hand stores. These stores are the luxe of vintage shopping.

Anyhow on with the story, I start my shopping. I am really excited. My toddler is thankfully asleep (possibly due to boredom) and my husband soon retreats to a coffee shop or three for the afternoon. I hardly notice. I am in shopping heaven.
I am shopping with a list. I know, so novel. Ok I admit it is not a physically written pen and paper list. It is however an ingrained mental list.
Floral Blazer- TICK
Overpriced Tan Sandals- TICK
Floral Print Shift- TICK

I am having such a great time. Really loving it. I am now in a store that is literally an emporium of old and new. I spot my husband and child. “It’s nearly 5 o’clock, what are you getting?” my husband asks. Honestly I can’t decide the list has become lost in the back of my mind. I grab a half price, white, sleeveless, see through, lace collared shirt off the rack and line up (clearly this item was not on mental list either).
I get to the counter and I note the “special pieces” behind glass. I scan the “special pieces”- Prada Shoes, wrong size, Jimmy Choo Pumps, too pointy and then I see it…
A miu miu bag, just been put out. It is brown leather, cross body style, really nice and about an 8th of the price of a recommended retail miu miu bag. There is a woman eyeing it off behind me. My husband is eyeing me off also in a “Get the bag and let’s get out of here” kind of way. There is no time to doubt the authenticity of this bag. I buy it. And no this purchase was not on the list.

I get back to the apartment. I turn the bag literally inside out. It has an embossed tag but I can’t find a cotton verification tag anywhere. This is not so good. This bag has never been worn. If it has- only for 24hrs, maximum. It also has an extra strap. It smells like leather. It has a few light scuff marks on it. Perhaps the previous owner was so wealthy she just threw it out after she brushed it against her spiky cast iron gate…. Or maybe it’s my worst bag nightmare- a fake….

“Do you think this bag is real?” I ask my husband. Wow he must be thrilled with this conversation. “Yes I reckon, anyway you like the bag”. Good answer. He is definitely covering all bases there. I can tell he is thinking “I hope this bag doesn’t just get thrown in the back of the cupboard to never be worn again” or just “Enough about the bag…”

I Google miu miu bags. There are so many bags to view and I actually have better things to be doing than verifying the authenticity of my new purchase while on holidays. I throw my new bag over my shoulder and look in the mirror. Oh it is nice; I am seriously perving on my new bag reflection.

Whatever the bag maybe- I do like it. Besides if anyone asks it’s from Chapel Street and that’s enough fashion credibility for me.

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Holiday Suitcase Packing Theory….

-Holiday Packing Take 2

-Holiday Packing Take 2

-Wardrobe Packing Take 1

-Wardrobe Packing Take 1

Packing for holidays– I Love it and partly hate it. As soon as the idea of “Holiday” appears in our household I start mentally packing and sometimes physically. However physically is a waste of time if your holiday is over 3 months away it results in slowly unpacking the contents of your suitcase over the waiting period. There is also a strong possibility with premature packing it will actually be another season by the time you actually board destination “Holiday”.

The concept of packing- A small bag (if choosing the carry on option) or slightly larger if you are going along the checked in baggage lines- however never quite large enough to incorporate everything you might just need. I usually start with packing a “theme” as you can see by shot 1 very subdued classic items. I reassess it all and deem it way too mundane and I end up packing something more eclectic and edgy…see shot 2 (in my mind, perhaps not others….). Finally it becomes a jumble of the two resulting in fashion chaos….

There are about a zillion articles written on what to pack for travel whether it be a trip to the Caribbean, back packing around Asia , perusing museums in Italy or visiting your mother 3 hours away (actually not the last one) . I have read a whole lot about what to pack and there is even a “special” term for it “Capsule Packing”.

Yes the capsule suitcase, doesn’t that sound terribly organized. The capsule suitcase in my mind would consist of a Louis Vuitton suitcase (leather not canvas) filled with envelope folded clothing in cashmeres, silks and other luxury fabrics. It may even have foldable coat hangers (with soft parts to not harm luxury fabrics) that can be bought out for airing while the capsule suitcase owner sleeps peacefully while hydrating her skin with a La Prairie mask… oh and the capsule owner is not in first class …way beyond that. The capsule suitcase owner is in a pod.

My suitcase packing never conjures up images of such organization. Instead it sports rolled up, jammed in, last minute items zipped into every pocket available and last minute panic of “Oh my god, did I pack my make-up bag?”. Followed by asking “Has anyone seen my passport this morning?”.

Do I pack well??? Not overly but I have a theory….

Apparently the average woman wears 40% of their wardrobe and I believe it to be the same when it comes to suitcase packing. I wear 40% of my packed items and aim to purchase the other 60%…..

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Travel Inspiration…..

“When preparing to travel lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”

Airport Behaviour

planeI love a good airport. Airports are the best place to people watch, shop, eat and become disorientated. Ok they aren’t so great when you have a delayed flight, jet lagged or having a screaming baby next to you that you are hoping isn’t boarding your flight. I have had the pleasure of frequenting many airports around the globe and the unusual behaviour of The Airport.

Top 10 Tips For The Unaware Airport Enthusiast:

1- Don’t cash in all your coins before departing the country. I remember literally running into the ladies toilet (they may have been men’s I was in such a rush….) in an Egyptian Airport. I was greeted by a burly Egyptian woman wanting some coinage in exchange to use the toilet. I had NOTHING but a near bursting bladder. Luckily she saw the sheer panic in my face as we both couldn’t understand a word of what was coming out of each others mouths and she kindly let me in free of charge.

2-It is easier and quicker to declare something from your travels than declare nothing at all. Buy a piece of cheap wooden lacquered jewellery or even a box of chocolates and I guarantee you will make it out faster than the non declaring folk.

3-Metal Detecting Devices do not pick up the wire in underwire bras. This is fact, as I have never seen a woman removing her bra and placing it in the crate alongside her laptop. It also doesn’t register braces much to the relief of many already self conscious teenagers around the globe. Usual suspects for constant beeping are metal arches in shoes, belt buckles and posh jackets with chain lining.

4-You will never find a trolley when you actually need one. I have carried around my entire body weight and then possibly some. Tip- grab a trolley as soon as you see one, steal one if you have to.

5- If you want to be upgraded to first class you will most likely need to fly alone, not have children (in particularly a screaming baby) and your not a dirty dread haired backpacker. Upgrades seem to be given to men in their 50’s from my first class research information.

6-You will undoubtedly have to give up some item whether it be deodorant, make-up or tropical repellent spray while checking through international departure. Apparently you need it in 30ml sealable containers (does anyone actually do this?).

7-You will see someone semi famous such as a bygone TV soap star. However you wont know who it is and will possibly stare slightly too long at them deciding if its your childhood neighbour or someone you met at a cocktail party several years ago.

8-You will turn up at the international airport ridiculously early in hope of getting checked in earlier. As a person that is notoriously late I decided to be at the airport several hours earlier. I was so early that my flight wasn’t even on the board which instilled instant fear I had already missed it… I hadn’t.

9-Often airports have a no photography rule in “serious areas”. People such as myself, seem to lose their sensible streak when travelling. I decided to get my camera out to photograph myself posing in front of the beautiful glass water features while lining up to have our visas stamped in Singapore. It was a no-go, remember try to keep camera in bag for at least 5 minutes.

10-People are mad at bag carousels. I imagine it is the fear someone will steal their bag with their unwashed 6 week holiday clothing in it. My fear- my bag is usually so heavy I envisage I cannot pull it of the carousel in time and instead I get pulled onto the carousel myself. Both highly unlikely circumstances.

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Travel and the common palate……

coffeeWhen travelling the world we tend to stuff a lot of exotic fancies into our mouths and deem them delectable, possibly because  we have spent several thousand dollars to actually get to the destination, we are going to enjoy every minute of it…. and every mouthful. Travel and food go together like husband and wife, although on the rare occasion it may be better for everyone if they divorced. “Delicacies” from the globe in all honesty can be quite, well… revolting, not that most people will admit too that. Who really wants to admit they didn’t really like the “exotic fancies” that adorned their now cultured palate. However, for the sake of saving fellow travellers from these unpleasant or even revolting morsels I will give you a rundown of the 5 worst global exotic fancies I have encountered…….

English Seaside Seafood Vendors– I adore seafood. If a seafood platter is on offer I will take it, no questions asked. However, this is surely the world’s worst version of “seafood”. Picture this, a food van displaying all types of seafood on offer, Baby Octopus, Shrimps, Cockles, Winkles, Mussels and I think Pink Lobster. I bought a sample of everything (you get a nice polystyrene box to keep your “exotic fancies” in), first bite, it is reminiscent of what Australians call a crab stick or a seafood stick, which  basically constitutes seafood flavouring or even worse sea food extender and rumours of tripe involved. Slightly horrified but still not giving up, I taste each item they all taste exactly the same- this cannot possibly be seafood and on close inspection they appear to have been in moulds, I have been completely misguided this is not cheap, fresh or local seafood this has to be tripe of some description, literally tripe.

Egyptian Crisps/Chips– Utterly grotesque, heavily salted to the point of tasting like sea water. Impossible to finish packet unless completely starved and even then it would be an ordeal. On the upside I can see why Egypt doesn’t suffer an obesity problem with junk food tasting this bad.

Melbourne’s Roasted Chestnuts-I really wanted to boast a liking for roasted chestnuts. I love the look of this street vendor, its usually freezing cold when they are preparing these warm natural wholesome roasted chestnuts that look amazing, ready to be purchased  in  little brown bags. Unfortunately roasted chestnuts are in my opinion, bland and severely  over rated.

Italian “real” coffee- Again I wanted to love standing up at an Italian coffee bar drinking espressos and enjoying every fashionable minute of it. My husband can and I found it one of the sexiest things about him when we first met, does he really like this refined black tar? He does and sadly I find this fashionable drink  so incredibly strong , I would commonly prefer a half strength latte , not nearly as refined as the latter.

Swiss Cheese Fondue– Ok I love the idea of this, the glossy cheese, the skewers, the petite toasted bread. The cheese fondue has all the makings for the perfect dinner party delicacy…I dined on this personally undelectable delight in a  Swiss Chalet in the pouring rain. It sounds so idyllic and romantic but unfortunately sloppy shared cheese just doesn’t work for my common palate, shame I know.

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The Nature of the “Travelling Shopper”


When travelling normal shopping rules go out the window, as do our minds a lot of the time. I try to be restricted on overseas travel and only buy “special, unique, one-off pieces” and I have failed dismally on most occasions. These are some of my more peculiar travel buys………

The Wooden Clogs– The wooden clogs are from a trip to Holland and they really are a strange buy, for starters they nearly didn’t  make it back home due to their high wood content, luckily they had been sealed with their red high gloss lacquer. They are so heavy I possibly paid an excess to bring them back into the country.These large, (but luckily, not quite large enough to wear), heavy bright items have followed me around for the last few years. Currently they sit in my son’s bedroom, I just can not bring myself to throw these monstrosities out, they have made it close to a few charity bins but I just cant do it, where I go my clogs will follow…..

Egyptian “hieroglyphics” jewellery and plaques– I went completely mad over personalised hieroglyphic jewellery in Egypt, I bought a necklace, rings and even a plaque with my name written on it in the clearly too captivating to resist  “hieroglyphics” style. I unfortunately lost my jewellery pieces when I left them on the vanity in a shared bathroom in a Bondi Beach backpackers, I still wonder who is wandering around the country side wearing my precious pieces that unbeknown to them it actually says “Jessica”, if I had of known the fortune of my jewellery I would have had it inscribed “stolen”………

Venetian Mask- When in Rome………well when in Venice you buy a mask, it is impossible not too, a great desire comes over the individual that says “must buy mask” for possibly masquerade ball or fabulous wall décor. Venetian masks aren’t cheap either ,especially the “apparent” real ones. I think I paid about 60 euros for mine, It is a red cat that has eyes that are way to close together, it basically looks like one of the scariest cats you have even come across and would be completely petrifying to  any potential suitor if you did actually attend a masquerade ball. However I still like this travel buy and it currently hangs in our kitchen …watching us rather creepily while we cook dinner….

French Perfume… You seem to go to a lot of perfumeries in France, you end up smelling so many varieties of exquisite “parfum”  it becomes impossible to smell anything in the end. The sell is usually a hefty price tag with the motto “it will last you for years……”, they were right I have a bottle of Vanilla perfume from France that is only halfway used after several years. Shame I outgrew smelling like Vanilla…….

Singapore Kaftan- I bought this smashing item 3 years ago, it was hot pink, covered in birds of some description and made of the silkiest….satin. This was not an expensive travel buy, about 5 Australia dollars and boy did I get some wear out of it. The Singaporean kaftan or as my husband called it “The Blanche” (if your familiar with The Golden Girls TV show you will understand) was worn till death, it was a pregnancy favourite. Funnily enough I should become a trend forecaster as this print went “global” I saw my Singaporean kaftan look alike on television shows and mainstream department stores. Gosh “The Blanche” and I sure were ahead of our time, I knew I was onto a good thing….

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Travel Bug- Port Isaac


I love travel as we all do and this is one of my favourite spots. Located in Cornwall, England is the delightful coastal fishing port, Port Isaac. The picturesque port is a photo opportunity at every step. If you love photographing quaint 18th century cottages, soaking up stunning coastal views and wandering through the eclectic mix of shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants  you have come to the right place.

If your familiar with the television show Doc Martin featuring Martin Clumes and Caroline Catz,  you will know exactly where I am talking about. Doc Martin is filmed in Port Isaac although to television fans its more aptly  known as its  fictional name Port Wenn. Unlike other film sets Port Wenn is a permanent fixture, and it is exactly the same as its television depiction, which makes it all the more fun to spend time stuffing a plate of the best scones with jam and cream you could imagine at The Old School,  photographing yourself knocking on Doc Martin’s door or just eating the best local lobster you could imagine at The Mote restaurant.

One of the best parts about holidaying in Port Issac is its huge array of bed and breakfasts, hotels and holiday homes and there is something for everyone’s budget. We stayed at the modern B&B/Art Gallery  (yes we were child-free! but they do have a family room) that  looked directly over Port Isaac Bay (much to my sheer excitement , you could also see Fern Cottage the famous doctors home!!) . It boasts fabulous rooms with luxurious wallpapers , pretty French looking windows and my favourite thing a wet room. Yes a floor to ceiling grey slate wet room, it was fabulous I even took photos of myself in the wet room…. I know…. I photograph anything.

Port Issac is one of those relaxed romantic places that would be perfect to propose to someone, celebrate an anniversary or announce that you are infact…..pregnant. I found out I was pregnant in Port Isaac just over 2 years ago now… Looks like we will be needing that family room on our next visit!!!

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Fashionable Flags……


Type British Décor into your search engine and you will be greeted by a bazillion images of every item imaginable covered in the much coveted Union Jack. Personally although the trend has been around for awhile and I am not ashamed to admit I am still partial to it. It works well on many levels it can be arty, funky and frankly pretty darn stylish.

In contrast type Australian Décor into your search engine and there isn’t a lot to look at infact I think it gave me an image of a giant pair of rubber flip flops, no not arty, funky or remotely stylish. I thought about other flags that were attractive such as the Canadian flag, perhaps they do décor that I had just missed…no just a small amount of cup cake toppers with their maple leaf and some low key canvas prints.

I don’t know why but the union jack has mass appeal whether is stemmed from Ginger Spice in her sequinned boob tube Union Jack number is anyone’s guess. Again this is a trend that seeps into fashion, I recently bought a union jack jumper or sweater for you Canadians :-), Its not the newest thing in fashion but again I have a soft spot for this trend.

I guess I wish I was English and I am not, however my husband luckily is….well half and he came with an English passport !! I am hoping that perhaps this will entitle me to reside in England for longer than my 2 year now well expired visa. I can just see it now…. A whole house decked out in Union Jack Décor…

Here are 3 of my favourite pieces from less to luxe……


Starting at the less price point is your cult classic- the union jack cushion- This one is for Etsy  retailing at $16.05 Australian dollars  and it is sent all the way from fashionable France.

Commode with British Flag

   I found this at “RG The Shop Library” titled “Commode with British Flag”, priced on the luxe side of things from $1,450.00

smegOh and if you are ever to get excited about a fridge then at least make it a SMEG. I love this and you can view it on SMEG’s website,, oh and FYI they also do it in an Australian Flag version, I kid you not.

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