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DSC_1159Thanks so much for reading. Every time I hit a blogging milestone my husband buys a bottle of Sparkling-Jansz from Pipers River, Tasmania (he is probably more excited about drinking the Jansz than the actual blog milestone!!). So last night we sat down to a bottle of this lovely sparkling and a summer salad I am going to share with you (you must be excited!!)….

It’s a great summer recipe- perfect for entertaining or when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. This recipe literally takes minutes- perhaps 3.

I have used Tasmanian produce, however you could use whatever you so desired brand wise…

So here goes my first “blogged”recipe….
Smoked Salmon, Caper and Bocconcini Salad –

1 bag of Tasmanian Houston’s Farm Baby Mesclun or 1 Coz Lettuce
1 bag of Tassal Hot Smoked Salmon Flakes – If you are unable to buy this you could use a canned salmon or cook a small portion of salmon for 20 minutes, chill and break into chunks.
1 tablespoon of Baby Capers
4 chunks of Bocconcini or Mozzarella works well also
1 Avocado

Dressing- 2 tablespoons of preferred dressing Balsamic,Caesar or Olive Oil

Toss lettuce, salmon, avocado and dressing together-
Then To make it look extra pretty-
place the baby mesclun or coz leaves on bottom of plate, stack avocado and smoked salmon in the centre then add bocconcini chunks and top with capers. Add one dollop of sour cream on top- a sprinkle of cracked pepper… Done in under 3 minutes!!

If you want to winter- fy this recipe heat the salmon and melt the bocconcini

Serve with sparkling wine and remember serve on a big white plate for extra pizazz….