….via milano vintage shorts

1389244178657Last Saturday I found the perfect vintage find. Most of the time finding vintage fashion finds that are relevant to “at the moment” fashion are near impossible to find.                                                                              Well the fashion planets were aligned . Browsing a market that was near bypassed . I come across a stall with possibly 6 items. I could really have helped her out with some basic visual merchandising skills. .                       I spot them . A pair of 1970’s on trend high-waisted shorts on turquoise blue silk, mint condition.                                                                                  These are meant for me. How much ? …. $2.50 replies the lady. I would have paid her $25 but I pay the $2.50 and run off like an excited child with a brand new toy. What a steal!!!                     I get home and try the shorts on. A perfect fit. Husband’s response “they look expensive”. “Do they ” I shriek in a way only a crazed shopper can. I continue ranting about the shorts. “Do you love them” I ask. “They look great”. I have a feeling his feigned excitement is the fact the shorts were $2.50 as opposed to $250.00. I am on a vintage shoppers high- so I ask you fellow bloggers what’s your best vintage buy ?????


the “mullet” dress

1389241140576The mullet dress, short at front and long at the back. A dress that doesn’t make a lot of sence. A dress people have deemed a fad. A dress I bought two days ago. Searching through the racks of our towns one and only boutique. I pull out a pucci inspired print dress with an open back and a floor skimming hem. Hang on, it’s actually short at the front. In fact it’s commonly known as a “mullet dress”. I am torn between this colour saturated mullet number and a classic striped dress with leather sleeves. I already own about 15 of a similar nature. Do something daring growls my fashion ego. I buy the mullet dress and 2 new cushions (because that’s practical, right?). I really am in a schizophrenic shopping mood. I really love this dress. I should be on holidaying in Spain wearing this dress sipping on sangria.I’m not , I’m having a coffee in the local cafe. I wonder who designed such a dress. Not Chanel, I realize this dress is a fad-chanel doesn’t do fads. I imagine Versace would have taken a liking to the mullet dress though. I feel a bit like Donatella actually, minus the hair and the tan. The mullet dress – tragic or not, I’m a convert.

….the last season leather skirt


A few months ago I bought myself a leather skirt….         .                                                               I know the leather skirt isn’t exactly pushing any new fashion boundaries at the minute.                 In fact if anything it strongly borders on “so last season”.                                                                                    The issue was which of the 4 million leather skirts was I going to deem this years “classic investment”.                                                               By the time I had debated , searched online and instore and generally procrastinated between a $300+ allanah hill or a cheap and cheerful asos number the leather skirt had become a “reduced to clear” rack regular.                                     This did not perturbe me. Nor did the fact my husband labelled the trend as “a bit 80’s tragic”. So one fine day I found my perfect leather skirt. High waisted, a line and an appropriate length.  Oh and not to mention the gold zips on each hip and the fact it was 60% off.                                     The leather skirt is a permanent wardrobe fixture. The leather skirt goes out to dinner, to the beach, to the bar – it goes everywhere.           People complement leather skirt. Husband even takes fancy to leather skirt. I wonder how I should wash this leather skirt ?-should I ever take it off. It has become somewhat of a second skin (excuse the pun).

This month’s fashion and beauty hits and misses…..

DSC_0149A little bit of a round up of my retail spending for the month. What’s worth it and what’s not….

Cashmere Jumper- I have wanted a cashmere jumper for a while now. No idea why just sounded a bit South Hamptons.
This black cashmere blend crop jumper from IDS hit the nail on the head. Perfect with boyfriend jeans or dress it up with tailored pants and heels.

Chambray Dress- I love chambray for this season. It’s very effortless and I have been literally living in this Portman’s t-shirt mini dress of a weekend. Next purchase- a chambray shirt…..

Striped Dress- Hmm I don’t need any more stripes. However, this “Mika Gala” midi dress was a must have. I bought it on last week’s beach “mini break “in a cute little boutique in Bicheno, Tasmania aptly named Coastal. I was definitely in “beach mode” when purchasing- another “nautical” outfit…
….Oh come on its Tran seasonal- I can layer it in the cooler months and wear it with sandals in the summer. I had to have it…..
Orange and yellow enamel necklace- I bought this from a man who said I looked very “Tres Chic” wearing it. This compliment steered me straight to the counter. I did love it but I did love being called “tres chic” more……

Teint Vissionaire- Great foundation is a must and mostly expensive. Teint Vissionaire is one of my fav’s. Weightless and light formula yet covers imperfections without any mask-like behaviour. This one comes with a concealer on top. A splurge at $74 dollars although lasts a good 5 months. For those with a light approach to foundation you will love it.

Crochet “trim” bikini- I love cotton crochet swimwear- Issue- they simply fall off when wet. Perhaps that’s why there was so much free love in the 70’s with women wandering out of the surf having lost their bikinis… DSC_0135

Anyhow I bought a Billabong nylon and lycra trim crochet bikini for this season for some extra staying power… in saying that I rarely get in to the ocean past my waist more than 3 times a year….but aren’t they cute?


Lancôme’s Dreamtone- Well this 30ml product has been used for the last month without any astonishing results. Designed as a pigment/skin corrector I have been diligently applying this day and night. I can’t say I have seen any results apart from the fact it can be used as an expensive primer at over $100- a bottle.

Betty Basic’s- This range of basic tops, skirts and dresses are extremely budget friendly. Stretch cotton fabrics in plain colours and stripes. Most of the range is usually under $20 dollars and frequent boutiques at the minute.

I would suggest trying before buying- some really good some not so good….
Hmmm I bought a black midi skirt which stayed a midi for about 10 minutes before riding up to a bottom flashing mini- as I found out whilst working the other evening…..

Face Tanners- I ran out of foundation and thought I would just use a tanner on my face. So wrong. After a lot of scrubbing and probably a lot of damage I removed all remnants of a fake tanned face. Despite being labelled “suitable for face and body”- It wasn’t unless you want to resemble a hideous version of Malibu Barbie. Stick with a bronzer…..

Text and images provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com- please contact jesssarah14@yahoo.com regarding copyright._DSC0673

and the bride didn’t wear a kaftan…….

jessica sarah handyWhen I got married I had a great desire to wear a Kaftan. Not just any kaftan but the holy grail of kaftans a Camilla Franks kaftan. I had a vision of a bright silk number with layers of eye catching colour underneath a Singaporean sunset.

This idea got instantly trampled by my friends and family. “You out of all people are going to wear a big muu muu on your wedding day”…. Well it was just a thought….

Ok the kaftan or muu muu did not happen and I loved the dress I inevitably chose. However one of the deciding factors was this…..

Men hate Kaftans- You would like you’re husband to find you attractive on your wedding day

And secondly
The Kaftan could have worn me.

If you are on the smaller side a Kaftan can engulf, swallow and leave its victim drowned out of the picture. Hmm and who wants that on their wedding day?

If you are a bit curvier, you will look better in a Kaftan-Especially if you have an impressive cleavage. Kaftans were made with curvier women in mind.

There is another thing about Kaftans. If you are not holidaying in some exotic destination or the weather is not above 25 degrees. You can look partially inappropriate. How do I know this??? -Because for writing purposes I am wearing a Kaftan today.

Yes we live across the road from the beach and it is approaching summer. However it is cold and I am wearing jeans under my Kaftan. I should be in Singapore sipping a Singaporean sling not sipping on a chai latte moaning about the weather. On the upside- I could probably have a piece of slice with the latte as well- let’s face it no one can actually determine what your body actually looks like underneath a kaftan.

The thing is I like wearing this Kaftan. Yes it covers my body in a sack like way but that sequinned neckline makes me feel a bit exotic and puts me in a holiday mode. This Kaftan has taken over my personality. I could have a Pina Colada on a Wednesday at 11am in this Kaftan. …..
But I won’t…. I flick the kettle on and make an instant coffee. I look outside and note the grey skies and debate whether to return my Kaftan to the closet or not. Damn it I will leave it on and just turn the aircon up a notch or three……

If you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

90's revivalwideleghatyingIf you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

Last night I was browsing through a number of on line stores. One thing that was noticeable was there is so much variety in fashion at the minute. You can dress from any era you wish. Even mix and match the eras if you so desire. I have to say I am a fan of it. Personal style- I’m all for it.

One thing I did note was a fashion collection of 90’s revival. I was a teenager in the early 90’s and my fashion was very 90’s. I really dislike 90’s fashion and I have no intention of repeating it again……

I have noticed this in others too. My Aunty was a 20 something night clubber in the 80’s with an ultra-hip 80’s wardrobe too match. She had skinnies in white wash known as “bubbly gum” jeans. Her wardrobe overloaded with power shoulders to put any Dynasty Character to shame. Have I ever seen her in skinny jeans since they exploded back into fashion? No. Have I ever seen her in anything resembling statement shoulders? Absolutely not.

These are my top 6 picks of “I WILL NEVER WEAR AGAIN”

Tiger striped hair- I had orange tiger stripes at about the age of 14. Oh how I loved it. The thought of chunky highlights still makes me shudder.

Wide Leg Jeans- Wide leg jeans were very cool. I actually can’t believe I had a pair on reflection. Wide jeans with an ultra-cool button fly were very cool mid 90’s. I can’t say I have worn a pair since. Unflattering, makes everyone appear several inches shorter than they actually are and reminds me of the school yard-Instantly banned in my wardrobe.

Denim Dresses with buttons- Oh how I loved this dress…when I was 12. I had one for my first Modelling Graduation. I found this dress (well not the exact dress) last night on ASOS under “90’s revival fashion”. Pass on that and I am starting to feel old……

Cord Pants- I had a pair of bright orange cord pants oh and not to forget lime green cord pants. I also briefly dated a guy that wore solely cord pants a few years ago and no they had not come back into vogue. I have cord pant issues. Cord pants are not to be seen in our house- ever.

Mambo memorabilia tees- I had one. One oversized t-shirt with a large fish smoking a joint on it… I can’t believe I was allowed to wear it on reflection. So hideous and from memory so expensive-Mambo- Love your artwork but I wouldn’t wear a mambo tee ever again.

New Age Clothing- Ying Yang jumpers, gypsy dresses in velvet and tie dye in burgundies and teal. Oh and Guatemalan berets. I never had the velvet dress but I have to admit I had the jumper and the hat. Oh god I am cringing writing this. No I will never don again. Oh and hemp.

On the upside- I love an 80’s shoulder, a 50’s skirt, a 70’s Mexican top and anything in between. As I sit here writing this I look down at my floral blazer and wonder if I will look back in 15 years and think …What on earth????????????????? More than likely….

A penchant for overalls…..

DSC_0695I have always liked “difficult to wear fashion”.

I really have a thing for “overalls” or as some of my readers may prefer “dungarees”. I don’t know what it is exactly about overalls that compel me to buy and occasionally wear. However I will give it a crack-

Overalls are-

Casual yet quirky

So daggy they are verging on hip (Didn’t Stella McCartney had a pair in a recent collection? So they have to be hip, right???”

Fun and Immature to the point of feeling like you should be dressed for performing in the musical “Oliver”. Sometimes when I wear my overalls down a busy street a part of me feels like I could break into song.

Impractical- Let’s face it what exactly is the point of the bib? However without the bib there is no overall!!!

Can induce mother and child twin dressing- yes this is slightly disturbing. However, I have to admit I have….dressed my son and I in similar outfits consisting of white t-shirts and overalls. Yes…I am partially cringing….

You have tendency to put your hands in your pockets while wearing overalls. I am not sure if this is a pro or con to actually wearing overalls…. However I have had my hand in both pockets at least twice today.

You can drop a side of your overalls down for a really “relaxed look”. Or to avoid that unwanted camel toe overalls can unfortunately create (I told you they were a difficult wardrobe item)

Without sounding like a 1950’s housewife (I am actually a 2013 part time housewife), I don’t mind cleaning in overalls.

And another factor, I am 30. How long can I successfully get away with wearing overalls?  It’s time to make the most of it…


Blogger Style Notes- Overalls Dotti-Top, Portmans-Sandals –Marcus-B

The not so mellow yellow jumper….

I originally was going to post this “post” as a guide to wearing neon.

Combining décor and fashion...........

Combining décor and fashion………..

However I am not really a fan of neon…on myself.

Despite writing about fashion trends my wardrobe is primarily muted shades of pink, nudes, white and black.

So neon doesn’t come naturally to me-

I love neon on naturally darker skin tones but on fairer types neon is a tricky one to wear.

I bought a bright yellow jumper (or sweater for you Canadians) last month. I have no idea why… I think because I had recently redecorated with a lot of yellow I subconsciously thought my wardrobe should follow suit.

Anyway you can’t just throw this jumper on. It’s just in your face. You can’t just wack it on with a pair of jeans or throw it over any old dress.

Oh the dilemma……

After much debating on what I was actually going to wear it with I found out these things about wearing neon yellow. You may even call them tips…..
• Neon works with pale denim
• Neon works with tan and gold accessories
• Neon works with this season’s geometric print
• Neon works with tan
• Neon can make you appear as if you suffer from a bad case of jaundice. Some form of blush or bronzer has to be worn to pull off neon on fairer skins.
• Neon is difficult to wear, particularly yellow. If you are feeling you look a bit …shall we say sallow. Try adding a scarf, or layering a top in a more flattering shade closest to your face.

So what did I end up wearing this not so mellow yellow jumper with? Well considering this jumper is not really me I decided on just going the whole sh-bang on not really being me. I added tights, gold high top sneaker wedges, Missoni inspired skirt, a black top to avoid looking sallow and a bright coral top layered underneath to lift my pale winter complexion.

The Verdict-Possibly not an item destined to become a wardrobe staple. However fashion is meant to be fun- so here’s to not so mellow yellow!

Blogger Style Notes-
Yellow Jumper- KITCHY KU
Coral Top-TARGET
Shoes- ASOS

Eek I became a smug married!!!!!

_DSC0673Remember Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw the pioneers for single women all over the world?

Well I loved them whole heartedly when I was a singleton and for that matter now as a happily married, smug married.

One of the things I remember was what Bridget Jones referred to as “Smug Marrieds’”. You know when your single and you go to any event and someone who is usually married or in some sort of serious committed union will indeed ask “Are you seeing any one at the moment?”, “How’s your love life?”, “When are you planning on settling down?”. “I’m so surprised you haven’t met anyone serious yet?” Well that’s what you call a smug married.

Questions such as this used to infuriate me. It is rather difficult to settle down if you have no one remotely appropriate or even totally inappropriate to settle down with….

Smug marrieds would also ask questions such as “How many kids do you want?” What kind of answer can one give to this when your current state of love life is as the chorus line of Friends theme track would call it DOA (Ha, I am such a girl of the 90’s).

I actually caught myself being a smug married the other day. I was interrogating a single friend about her love life and actually thought to myself, “Oh shut up”. My interrogation came after she told me she had a huge bunch of girly DVD’S to watch that evening as I ignored the football game playing in the way to close background.

Anyway as much as I love being married (I am really over emphasising this as I am a smug married now!), I can tell you there are certain things you will never do as you did as a singleton….

My first and foremost- Clothing, footwear and any other type of accessories are must haves- whatever their cost. The night before I went on my first official date with my husband I decided I was going to wear an expensive Karen Walker number. I had no way of actually affording this. However… I did have a sensible mattress on layby. What did I do? Cancelled the layby and bought the dress. Could I do that now? …Possibly not. “How great do I look darling and by the way we don’t actually have a mattress arriving now….”

Eating cereal for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner-This really is not a possibility for a committed girl. “What’s for dinner?” (Oh and I have to admit my husband frequently cooks), “That would be a bowl of oats topped with banana and brown sugar for the 3rd night running darling”….. Not likely.

Staying up late watching entire series collections of girly television- Actually to be perfectly honest I still do this just not as frequently. I think I have watched the last episode of Sex and The City at least 30 times and manage to shed a tear every time (there are so many hidden things in that last episode, you know??). Although it is difficult to shed that tear when your husband is standing in the hallway saying “I just never really got into this show”. Great, go to bed, I love you; let me indulge in this female ritual.

Doing a grocery shop that consists of nothing more than dip and crackers and perhaps a few Lindt chocolate balls- This would be the equivalent of my husband serving me a six pack of beer for dinner.

I booked and paid for a holiday I couldn’t really afford when I was single and was left with about $5.00 for the week. I didn’t care. I had my breakfast cereal staple.

So there you have it. The next time a smug married questions your romantic prospects consider shooting them back a line such as “I best be off, I just bought myself this divine Karen Walker dress. I want to try it on with a million different shoes and accessories whilst watching Sex and The City 2 again….. whilst devouring a whole box of Lindt chocolate balls for dinner”.

Visible Pant Line- A Fashion Crime or Fashionably Fine?

www.jessicasarahdotcom.comIf there is one thing I detest its VPL. You know- visible pant line.

Anyhow I don’t walk around analysing people’s clothed bottoms in great depth just looking for a VPL. It’s just sometimes VPL literally is impossible to ignore.

I personally think VPL on my behind is a fashion sin. Unless I am wearing heavy denim, there is no possibility for VPL occurring.

Reasons for this- I have a definite bottom …..

If I was to wear a “brief” my bottom is cut into 4 quarters.
If I wore a “boy leg” they would ride up uncomfortably.
If I wore “frilly French knickers” I would still be able to detect the lace on close analysis.
If I wore a “seamless nanna pant” I would feel about 85 and half the time you can still see a line.

Is this every pant covered? (Excuse the pun)

So clearly I wear a G-string, or a V-string which are basically bottomless underpants.

But there is always a flip side to the brief or G-string debate-

Bending over and displaying the top of your G-string is not classy and never ever chic. Have I been guilty of this? – Unfortunately yes…Cringing…

Wind does blow and you will undoubtedly show complete strangers your bottom. But you won’t actually be aware of this 90% of the time if that’s any conciliation.

My husband just informed me some men dig panty lines… (Ok, well if you’re single perhaps try wearing a visible brief while shopping at the supermarket secretly searching aisles for potential suitors)

A hipster jean, a G-string and a backless chair in a café, bar or any other establishment where the general public dwell is a tricky situation. Tip- Sit with your bottom in a corner seat that backs up to a wall. No one wants to enjoy a latte while viewing your plumber’s crack (no matter how great your bottom may be…)

So there it is- I have put it on the line. The visible pant line that is…..