the “mullet” dress

1389241140576The mullet dress, short at front and long at the back. A dress that doesn’t make a lot of sence. A dress people have deemed a fad. A dress I bought two days ago. Searching through the racks of our towns one and only boutique. I pull out a pucci inspired print dress with an open back and a floor skimming hem. Hang on, it’s actually short at the front. In fact it’s commonly known as a “mullet dress”. I am torn between this colour saturated mullet number and a classic striped dress with leather sleeves. I already own about 15 of a similar nature. Do something daring growls my fashion ego. I buy the mullet dress and 2 new cushions (because that’s practical, right?). I really am in a schizophrenic shopping mood. I really love this dress. I should be on holidaying in Spain wearing this dress sipping on sangria.I’m not , I’m having a coffee in the local cafe. I wonder who designed such a dress. Not Chanel, I realize this dress is a fad-chanel doesn’t do fads. I imagine Versace would have taken a liking to the mullet dress though. I feel a bit like Donatella actually, minus the hair and the tan. The mullet dress – tragic or not, I’m a convert.


and the bride didn’t wear a kaftan…….

jessica sarah handyWhen I got married I had a great desire to wear a Kaftan. Not just any kaftan but the holy grail of kaftans a Camilla Franks kaftan. I had a vision of a bright silk number with layers of eye catching colour underneath a Singaporean sunset.

This idea got instantly trampled by my friends and family. “You out of all people are going to wear a big muu muu on your wedding day”…. Well it was just a thought….

Ok the kaftan or muu muu did not happen and I loved the dress I inevitably chose. However one of the deciding factors was this…..

Men hate Kaftans- You would like you’re husband to find you attractive on your wedding day

And secondly
The Kaftan could have worn me.

If you are on the smaller side a Kaftan can engulf, swallow and leave its victim drowned out of the picture. Hmm and who wants that on their wedding day?

If you are a bit curvier, you will look better in a Kaftan-Especially if you have an impressive cleavage. Kaftans were made with curvier women in mind.

There is another thing about Kaftans. If you are not holidaying in some exotic destination or the weather is not above 25 degrees. You can look partially inappropriate. How do I know this??? -Because for writing purposes I am wearing a Kaftan today.

Yes we live across the road from the beach and it is approaching summer. However it is cold and I am wearing jeans under my Kaftan. I should be in Singapore sipping a Singaporean sling not sipping on a chai latte moaning about the weather. On the upside- I could probably have a piece of slice with the latte as well- let’s face it no one can actually determine what your body actually looks like underneath a kaftan.

The thing is I like wearing this Kaftan. Yes it covers my body in a sack like way but that sequinned neckline makes me feel a bit exotic and puts me in a holiday mode. This Kaftan has taken over my personality. I could have a Pina Colada on a Wednesday at 11am in this Kaftan. …..
But I won’t…. I flick the kettle on and make an instant coffee. I look outside and note the grey skies and debate whether to return my Kaftan to the closet or not. Damn it I will leave it on and just turn the aircon up a notch or three……

If you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

90's revivalwideleghatyingIf you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

Last night I was browsing through a number of on line stores. One thing that was noticeable was there is so much variety in fashion at the minute. You can dress from any era you wish. Even mix and match the eras if you so desire. I have to say I am a fan of it. Personal style- I’m all for it.

One thing I did note was a fashion collection of 90’s revival. I was a teenager in the early 90’s and my fashion was very 90’s. I really dislike 90’s fashion and I have no intention of repeating it again……

I have noticed this in others too. My Aunty was a 20 something night clubber in the 80’s with an ultra-hip 80’s wardrobe too match. She had skinnies in white wash known as “bubbly gum” jeans. Her wardrobe overloaded with power shoulders to put any Dynasty Character to shame. Have I ever seen her in skinny jeans since they exploded back into fashion? No. Have I ever seen her in anything resembling statement shoulders? Absolutely not.

These are my top 6 picks of “I WILL NEVER WEAR AGAIN”

Tiger striped hair- I had orange tiger stripes at about the age of 14. Oh how I loved it. The thought of chunky highlights still makes me shudder.

Wide Leg Jeans- Wide leg jeans were very cool. I actually can’t believe I had a pair on reflection. Wide jeans with an ultra-cool button fly were very cool mid 90’s. I can’t say I have worn a pair since. Unflattering, makes everyone appear several inches shorter than they actually are and reminds me of the school yard-Instantly banned in my wardrobe.

Denim Dresses with buttons- Oh how I loved this dress…when I was 12. I had one for my first Modelling Graduation. I found this dress (well not the exact dress) last night on ASOS under “90’s revival fashion”. Pass on that and I am starting to feel old……

Cord Pants- I had a pair of bright orange cord pants oh and not to forget lime green cord pants. I also briefly dated a guy that wore solely cord pants a few years ago and no they had not come back into vogue. I have cord pant issues. Cord pants are not to be seen in our house- ever.

Mambo memorabilia tees- I had one. One oversized t-shirt with a large fish smoking a joint on it… I can’t believe I was allowed to wear it on reflection. So hideous and from memory so expensive-Mambo- Love your artwork but I wouldn’t wear a mambo tee ever again.

New Age Clothing- Ying Yang jumpers, gypsy dresses in velvet and tie dye in burgundies and teal. Oh and Guatemalan berets. I never had the velvet dress but I have to admit I had the jumper and the hat. Oh god I am cringing writing this. No I will never don again. Oh and hemp.

On the upside- I love an 80’s shoulder, a 50’s skirt, a 70’s Mexican top and anything in between. As I sit here writing this I look down at my floral blazer and wonder if I will look back in 15 years and think …What on earth????????????????? More than likely….

A penchant for overalls…..

DSC_0695I have always liked “difficult to wear fashion”.

I really have a thing for “overalls” or as some of my readers may prefer “dungarees”. I don’t know what it is exactly about overalls that compel me to buy and occasionally wear. However I will give it a crack-

Overalls are-

Casual yet quirky

So daggy they are verging on hip (Didn’t Stella McCartney had a pair in a recent collection? So they have to be hip, right???”

Fun and Immature to the point of feeling like you should be dressed for performing in the musical “Oliver”. Sometimes when I wear my overalls down a busy street a part of me feels like I could break into song.

Impractical- Let’s face it what exactly is the point of the bib? However without the bib there is no overall!!!

Can induce mother and child twin dressing- yes this is slightly disturbing. However, I have to admit I have….dressed my son and I in similar outfits consisting of white t-shirts and overalls. Yes…I am partially cringing….

You have tendency to put your hands in your pockets while wearing overalls. I am not sure if this is a pro or con to actually wearing overalls…. However I have had my hand in both pockets at least twice today.

You can drop a side of your overalls down for a really “relaxed look”. Or to avoid that unwanted camel toe overalls can unfortunately create (I told you they were a difficult wardrobe item)

Without sounding like a 1950’s housewife (I am actually a 2013 part time housewife), I don’t mind cleaning in overalls.

And another factor, I am 30. How long can I successfully get away with wearing overalls?  It’s time to make the most of it…


Blogger Style Notes- Overalls Dotti-Top, Portmans-Sandals –Marcus-B

The not so mellow yellow jumper….

I originally was going to post this “post” as a guide to wearing neon.

Combining décor and fashion...........

Combining décor and fashion………..

However I am not really a fan of neon…on myself.

Despite writing about fashion trends my wardrobe is primarily muted shades of pink, nudes, white and black.

So neon doesn’t come naturally to me-

I love neon on naturally darker skin tones but on fairer types neon is a tricky one to wear.

I bought a bright yellow jumper (or sweater for you Canadians) last month. I have no idea why… I think because I had recently redecorated with a lot of yellow I subconsciously thought my wardrobe should follow suit.

Anyway you can’t just throw this jumper on. It’s just in your face. You can’t just wack it on with a pair of jeans or throw it over any old dress.

Oh the dilemma……

After much debating on what I was actually going to wear it with I found out these things about wearing neon yellow. You may even call them tips…..
• Neon works with pale denim
• Neon works with tan and gold accessories
• Neon works with this season’s geometric print
• Neon works with tan
• Neon can make you appear as if you suffer from a bad case of jaundice. Some form of blush or bronzer has to be worn to pull off neon on fairer skins.
• Neon is difficult to wear, particularly yellow. If you are feeling you look a bit …shall we say sallow. Try adding a scarf, or layering a top in a more flattering shade closest to your face.

So what did I end up wearing this not so mellow yellow jumper with? Well considering this jumper is not really me I decided on just going the whole sh-bang on not really being me. I added tights, gold high top sneaker wedges, Missoni inspired skirt, a black top to avoid looking sallow and a bright coral top layered underneath to lift my pale winter complexion.

The Verdict-Possibly not an item destined to become a wardrobe staple. However fashion is meant to be fun- so here’s to not so mellow yellow!

Blogger Style Notes-
Yellow Jumper- KITCHY KU
Coral Top-TARGET
Shoes- ASOS

Visible Pant Line- A Fashion Crime or Fashionably Fine?

www.jessicasarahdotcom.comIf there is one thing I detest its VPL. You know- visible pant line.

Anyhow I don’t walk around analysing people’s clothed bottoms in great depth just looking for a VPL. It’s just sometimes VPL literally is impossible to ignore.

I personally think VPL on my behind is a fashion sin. Unless I am wearing heavy denim, there is no possibility for VPL occurring.

Reasons for this- I have a definite bottom …..

If I was to wear a “brief” my bottom is cut into 4 quarters.
If I wore a “boy leg” they would ride up uncomfortably.
If I wore “frilly French knickers” I would still be able to detect the lace on close analysis.
If I wore a “seamless nanna pant” I would feel about 85 and half the time you can still see a line.

Is this every pant covered? (Excuse the pun)

So clearly I wear a G-string, or a V-string which are basically bottomless underpants.

But there is always a flip side to the brief or G-string debate-

Bending over and displaying the top of your G-string is not classy and never ever chic. Have I been guilty of this? – Unfortunately yes…Cringing…

Wind does blow and you will undoubtedly show complete strangers your bottom. But you won’t actually be aware of this 90% of the time if that’s any conciliation.

My husband just informed me some men dig panty lines… (Ok, well if you’re single perhaps try wearing a visible brief while shopping at the supermarket secretly searching aisles for potential suitors)

A hipster jean, a G-string and a backless chair in a café, bar or any other establishment where the general public dwell is a tricky situation. Tip- Sit with your bottom in a corner seat that backs up to a wall. No one wants to enjoy a latte while viewing your plumber’s crack (no matter how great your bottom may be…)

So there it is- I have put it on the line. The visible pant line that is…..

The luxe trackpant…..

DSC_1438Have you ever bought something that isn’t exactly you?

Well I did the other day. I had been eyeing of a pair of silk pants from my favourite shop in town. Well technically it is the only clothing store in town but it is a really, really good one. Anyhow the pants were $140 originally and had been significantly reduced. So clearly now was the time to invest.

The pants are a bit like an elastic waisted, silk pair of track pants. Anyone that knows me knows I do not own track pants. Some people can wear track pants like jeans- you don’t really notice them. But track pants and I don’t mix.

So these were my version of the track pant. Hmm what to wear them with- all black with tan accessories I decide. Oh and a pair of aviators. I really like an aviator style shade however my persona is just not quite cool enough to pull them off without feeling partly ridiculous (I have included a photo for your entertainment).

I first wear them down to vote on Saturday (for Canadian readers we had an election), on Sunday I wear them for brunch in town and on Monday I wear them again for Kindy Gym. Gee these really are like track pants- they are sure getting a workout….

If you wear something that isn’t you it can be strange. 99.9 per cent of my wardrobe is structured. Not tight, structured. Not these pants they are generous -Generous enough to eat a second handful of seafood at lunch yesterday without a second thought.

There is also something different about the way I walk in these pants. If you are wearing heels you don’t stoop, you don’t sit cross-legged in a skirt or dress on the couch (unless you want to look really raunchy in front of company) and you walk with your legs close together.

Not in these pants. In these pants you sort of sway and sashay at the same time. Perhaps I should name this term “swashaying”. When I wear them I feel like I should be backpacking around Peru but on the luxe side. I would have to take the deluxe room at the hostel in these pants.

I am not planning to give up my normal lady like wardrobe as much as I love the comfort of these pants. As the lady in the shop told me…. “You can dress the pants up with heels”- true so true. So I bought the other 2 pairs on sale as well. You just never know when you will need a pair of pants to “swashay” about in.

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How to wear a white shirt- and not be mistaken for a waiter….

sleeveless layered ruffle chiffon shirttalbots Aqua Flatacus hocusHemley Blue Paisley Scarf 40.38 pounds

The White Shirt- Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Fashion has always had its elite must have pieces. Well actually the pieces are often classed as iconic, timeless, never fail or even investment pieces.

You know- The Little Black Dress
-Yes I have that in several different varieties and I agree it is a never fail piece.

Or –The Trench
-Yes I own a satin black trench which really is perfect over any cocktail dress. Again I agree this is a fail-safe item.

Perhaps – The Black Leather Jacket-Yes I own this one also-“The Black Leather Jacket” is a bit of a modern take on the “must have pieces list”- However I do own a much loved Balenciaga leather knockoff with its not so classic statement shoulders.

And then there is – THE WHITE SHIRT

As much as every fashion mag raves about the white shirt I had never felt particularly swayed to buy a white shirt. I am just not a shirt person; I really haven’t worn a collared shirt since I was 16 and a check out chick at K-mart. Isn’t a white shirt a bit corporate, a bit safe and well a bit god damn boring???

A few months ago my mum wore a white shirt and I did think that looks rather chic, however my mum is 56. I am 30, I don’t want to look old before my time. Not that she is old… I just don’t want to look 56.

White shirts are used a lot in profile shots for magazines. Often the person is wearing the white shirt seductively without any underwear underneath (appearing as if they just woke up and threw on their boyfriends white shirt and managed too look amazing). This is great on a page but to wear out in the general public’s view.. I think not.

Apparently a white shirt will frame the face and flatter every face shape. Interesting I say……perhaps there is something in this white shirt business?

So I bought a white shirt last month. I will give this classic time piece a run. I have bought an oversized sleeveless white shirt with a lace collar from H & M. I also found a similar version with some rather pretty frills from for a mere $24.46 (pictured above).

What was I going to wear this with?

Here is the white shirt low down on how to look anything but boring in your white shirt…..

When buying……Oversized shirts give a relaxed urban vibe, opt for fabrics with a softer, fluid feel.
Look for white shirts with unusual detailing- lace, studs, embroidery.
A longer length white shirt will give you the option of teaming it with leggings without looking like you …forgot your pants.

When selecting the other wardrobe bits…..Pair it with print- add this seasons geometric print pants.
White and denim work- to keep it relaxed a chambray pant or to dress it up dark wash skinnies will work.
Pair it with spring colours- pale blue, apricot.

The final touches…..Follow the monochrome trend- add contemporary black and white accessories.
Keep hair and make-up undone- although a bright lip works well with the white shirt if your feeling a tad washed out.
Add a scarf for colour- If white makes you look washed out add a paisley scarf.

So there you have it- How to wear a white shirt- without looking like a waitress or more politically correct waiter…..

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The miu miu bag in Prahran

miumiu-real or fake?I seem to be constantly writing about handbags. Here I go again.Last week I was shopping in Prahran, Melbourne. I love the shopping out there. For anyone that likes niche, interesting fashion finds Prahran is the place to head.

One thing that Prahran boasts is its wide variety of consignment and second-hand boutiques. These stores aren’t your average run of the mill second hand stores. These stores are the luxe of vintage shopping.

Anyhow on with the story, I start my shopping. I am really excited. My toddler is thankfully asleep (possibly due to boredom) and my husband soon retreats to a coffee shop or three for the afternoon. I hardly notice. I am in shopping heaven.
I am shopping with a list. I know, so novel. Ok I admit it is not a physically written pen and paper list. It is however an ingrained mental list.
Floral Blazer- TICK
Overpriced Tan Sandals- TICK
Floral Print Shift- TICK

I am having such a great time. Really loving it. I am now in a store that is literally an emporium of old and new. I spot my husband and child. “It’s nearly 5 o’clock, what are you getting?” my husband asks. Honestly I can’t decide the list has become lost in the back of my mind. I grab a half price, white, sleeveless, see through, lace collared shirt off the rack and line up (clearly this item was not on mental list either).
I get to the counter and I note the “special pieces” behind glass. I scan the “special pieces”- Prada Shoes, wrong size, Jimmy Choo Pumps, too pointy and then I see it…
A miu miu bag, just been put out. It is brown leather, cross body style, really nice and about an 8th of the price of a recommended retail miu miu bag. There is a woman eyeing it off behind me. My husband is eyeing me off also in a “Get the bag and let’s get out of here” kind of way. There is no time to doubt the authenticity of this bag. I buy it. And no this purchase was not on the list.

I get back to the apartment. I turn the bag literally inside out. It has an embossed tag but I can’t find a cotton verification tag anywhere. This is not so good. This bag has never been worn. If it has- only for 24hrs, maximum. It also has an extra strap. It smells like leather. It has a few light scuff marks on it. Perhaps the previous owner was so wealthy she just threw it out after she brushed it against her spiky cast iron gate…. Or maybe it’s my worst bag nightmare- a fake….

“Do you think this bag is real?” I ask my husband. Wow he must be thrilled with this conversation. “Yes I reckon, anyway you like the bag”. Good answer. He is definitely covering all bases there. I can tell he is thinking “I hope this bag doesn’t just get thrown in the back of the cupboard to never be worn again” or just “Enough about the bag…”

I Google miu miu bags. There are so many bags to view and I actually have better things to be doing than verifying the authenticity of my new purchase while on holidays. I throw my new bag over my shoulder and look in the mirror. Oh it is nice; I am seriously perving on my new bag reflection.

Whatever the bag maybe- I do like it. Besides if anyone asks it’s from Chapel Street and that’s enough fashion credibility for me.

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Striped Overload…. stripes_DSC0637www.jessicasarahdotcom.comStripes- I have an abundance of striped fashion lurking in the closet. I have no idea why this striped overload became so apparent in my wardrobe.

It started with a navy and white tank top that I get serious mileage out of (note cover shot). I actually bought it in London at a supermarket for about 4 pounds. Then it progressed to the lower half of my body, with several striped skirts and pants. Oh and then the season turned and I decided a few striped jumpers would be good wardrobe staples. I bought a cotton one (red stripe) and lashed out on a Gary Begeni grey and black striped number. Not to stop there, I then purchase a fashion savvy Breton long sleeve number followed by a couple of pinstripe 3/4 sleeve boat neck numbers. I really got into it, stripes that is. Strips are so chic, so classic, timeless infact- stripes are just soooo Audrey Hepburn I thought. Stripes are also (particularly the combination of red stripes) totally Where’s Wally. Gosh has Where’s Wally and Audrey Hepburn ever listed in the same paragraph before, I doubt it.

New season resolution “No Stripes” (unless on clearance racks…)

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