you have how many prams?


B.C (before child) someone once told me they owned not 1, not 2 but 4 prams. That’s not all. The woman had intention of purchasing a 5th. I remember thinking-“Surely one pram would suffice?”.                                                                     A.C (after child)-Realization- One pram rarely suffices.                                  Pram 1- As a woman of nil baby experience I decide on the most padded, safe pram available. Included is every cover, shade, protective device known to a pram. In fact I’m surprised airbags weren’t included.                                        .                    I could have rolled pram 1 down a hill and   straight through a fence or 2 and baby would  have slept peacefully  submerged in layers of luxurious soft cloud like fabric  otherwise known as padded nylon.    .                                                                                                                                                     Pram 1 disaster…….                                                                                                         One scorching hot day pram 1, baby and I go for a beach walk. Upon returning to highway car park I am unable to shut down pram 1  6 month baby screaming. 30-year-old mother also screaming whilst kicking pram 1.  Swearing is at an extreme level. I am sweating. I hate this pram. I contemplate     leaving pram on side of highway. More than contemplate actually.                      A stranger amazingly pulls over clearly my “pram distress” is visible even for passerbys. Amazingly the stranger wrangles pram 1 into my oversized boot. I am so grateful. I could kiss this man. I refrain.                                                                           Pram 1 goes on flight. Pram 1 is never the same. Pram 1 has been seriously abused by flight staff. My pram has a distinct wobble. My pram gives me a distinct wobble. My pram makes me look like a slightly intoxicated mother. Not a good look. I need a new pram. ASAP.                                                                             like this post, check back for pram 2,3 and 4 posts later in the week !!

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  1. Jules

     /  March 22, 2014

    hahaha hilarious!


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