….via milano vintage shorts

1389244178657Last Saturday I found the perfect vintage find. Most of the time finding vintage fashion finds that are relevant to “at the moment” fashion are near impossible to find.                                                                              Well the fashion planets were aligned . Browsing a market that was near bypassed . I come across a stall with possibly 6 items. I could really have helped her out with some basic visual merchandising skills. .                       I spot them . A pair of 1970’s on trend high-waisted shorts on turquoise blue silk, mint condition.                                                                                  These are meant for me. How much ? …. $2.50 replies the lady. I would have paid her $25 but I pay the $2.50 and run off like an excited child with a brand new toy. What a steal!!!                     I get home and try the shorts on. A perfect fit. Husband’s response “they look expensive”. “Do they ” I shriek in a way only a crazed shopper can. I continue ranting about the shorts. “Do you love them” I ask. “They look great”. I have a feeling his feigned excitement is the fact the shorts were $2.50 as opposed to $250.00. I am on a vintage shoppers high- so I ask you fellow bloggers what’s your best vintage buy ?????

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  1. Jules

     /  March 22, 2014

    Nothing. I dislike vintage very much.


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