the “mullet” dress

1389241140576The mullet dress, short at front and long at the back. A dress that doesn’t make a lot of sence. A dress people have deemed a fad. A dress I bought two days ago. Searching through the racks of our towns one and only boutique. I pull out a pucci inspired print dress with an open back and a floor skimming hem. Hang on, it’s actually short at the front. In fact it’s commonly known as a “mullet dress”. I am torn between this colour saturated mullet number and a classic striped dress with leather sleeves. I already own about 15 of a similar nature. Do something daring growls my fashion ego. I buy the mullet dress and 2 new cushions (because that’s practical, right?). I really am in a schizophrenic shopping mood. I really love this dress. I should be on holidaying in Spain wearing this dress sipping on sangria.I’m not , I’m having a coffee in the local cafe. I wonder who designed such a dress. Not Chanel, I realize this dress is a fad-chanel doesn’t do fads. I imagine Versace would have taken a liking to the mullet dress though. I feel a bit like Donatella actually, minus the hair and the tan. The mullet dress – tragic or not, I’m a convert.

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  1. Jules

     /  March 22, 2014

    Can’t be anymore out there than that fluro number of yours. And I could totally see Donatella in that!


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