….the last season leather skirt


A few months ago I bought myself a leather skirt….         .                                                               I know the leather skirt isn’t exactly pushing any new fashion boundaries at the minute.                 In fact if anything it strongly borders on “so last season”.                                                                                    The issue was which of the 4 million leather skirts was I going to deem this years “classic investment”.                                                               By the time I had debated , searched online and instore and generally procrastinated between a $300+ allanah hill or a cheap and cheerful asos number the leather skirt had become a “reduced to clear” rack regular.                                     This did not perturbe me. Nor did the fact my husband labelled the trend as “a bit 80’s tragic”. So one fine day I found my perfect leather skirt. High waisted, a line and an appropriate length.  Oh and not to mention the gold zips on each hip and the fact it was 60% off.                                     The leather skirt is a permanent wardrobe fixture. The leather skirt goes out to dinner, to the beach, to the bar – it goes everywhere.           People complement leather skirt. Husband even takes fancy to leather skirt. I wonder how I should wash this leather skirt ?-should I ever take it off. It has become somewhat of a second skin (excuse the pun).

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