This month’s fashion and beauty hits and misses…..

DSC_0149A little bit of a round up of my retail spending for the month. What’s worth it and what’s not….

Cashmere Jumper- I have wanted a cashmere jumper for a while now. No idea why just sounded a bit South Hamptons.
This black cashmere blend crop jumper from IDS hit the nail on the head. Perfect with boyfriend jeans or dress it up with tailored pants and heels.

Chambray Dress- I love chambray for this season. It’s very effortless and I have been literally living in this Portman’s t-shirt mini dress of a weekend. Next purchase- a chambray shirt…..

Striped Dress- Hmm I don’t need any more stripes. However, this “Mika Gala” midi dress was a must have. I bought it on last week’s beach “mini break “in a cute little boutique in Bicheno, Tasmania aptly named Coastal. I was definitely in “beach mode” when purchasing- another “nautical” outfit…
….Oh come on its Tran seasonal- I can layer it in the cooler months and wear it with sandals in the summer. I had to have it…..
Orange and yellow enamel necklace- I bought this from a man who said I looked very “Tres Chic” wearing it. This compliment steered me straight to the counter. I did love it but I did love being called “tres chic” more……

Teint Vissionaire- Great foundation is a must and mostly expensive. Teint Vissionaire is one of my fav’s. Weightless and light formula yet covers imperfections without any mask-like behaviour. This one comes with a concealer on top. A splurge at $74 dollars although lasts a good 5 months. For those with a light approach to foundation you will love it.

Crochet “trim” bikini- I love cotton crochet swimwear- Issue- they simply fall off when wet. Perhaps that’s why there was so much free love in the 70’s with women wandering out of the surf having lost their bikinis… DSC_0135

Anyhow I bought a Billabong nylon and lycra trim crochet bikini for this season for some extra staying power… in saying that I rarely get in to the ocean past my waist more than 3 times a year….but aren’t they cute?


Lancôme’s Dreamtone- Well this 30ml product has been used for the last month without any astonishing results. Designed as a pigment/skin corrector I have been diligently applying this day and night. I can’t say I have seen any results apart from the fact it can be used as an expensive primer at over $100- a bottle.

Betty Basic’s- This range of basic tops, skirts and dresses are extremely budget friendly. Stretch cotton fabrics in plain colours and stripes. Most of the range is usually under $20 dollars and frequent boutiques at the minute.

I would suggest trying before buying- some really good some not so good….
Hmmm I bought a black midi skirt which stayed a midi for about 10 minutes before riding up to a bottom flashing mini- as I found out whilst working the other evening…..

Face Tanners- I ran out of foundation and thought I would just use a tanner on my face. So wrong. After a lot of scrubbing and probably a lot of damage I removed all remnants of a fake tanned face. Despite being labelled “suitable for face and body”- It wasn’t unless you want to resemble a hideous version of Malibu Barbie. Stick with a bronzer…..

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