and the bride didn’t wear a kaftan…….

jessica sarah handyWhen I got married I had a great desire to wear a Kaftan. Not just any kaftan but the holy grail of kaftans a Camilla Franks kaftan. I had a vision of a bright silk number with layers of eye catching colour underneath a Singaporean sunset.

This idea got instantly trampled by my friends and family. “You out of all people are going to wear a big muu muu on your wedding day”…. Well it was just a thought….

Ok the kaftan or muu muu did not happen and I loved the dress I inevitably chose. However one of the deciding factors was this…..

Men hate Kaftans- You would like you’re husband to find you attractive on your wedding day

And secondly
The Kaftan could have worn me.

If you are on the smaller side a Kaftan can engulf, swallow and leave its victim drowned out of the picture. Hmm and who wants that on their wedding day?

If you are a bit curvier, you will look better in a Kaftan-Especially if you have an impressive cleavage. Kaftans were made with curvier women in mind.

There is another thing about Kaftans. If you are not holidaying in some exotic destination or the weather is not above 25 degrees. You can look partially inappropriate. How do I know this??? -Because for writing purposes I am wearing a Kaftan today.

Yes we live across the road from the beach and it is approaching summer. However it is cold and I am wearing jeans under my Kaftan. I should be in Singapore sipping a Singaporean sling not sipping on a chai latte moaning about the weather. On the upside- I could probably have a piece of slice with the latte as well- let’s face it no one can actually determine what your body actually looks like underneath a kaftan.

The thing is I like wearing this Kaftan. Yes it covers my body in a sack like way but that sequinned neckline makes me feel a bit exotic and puts me in a holiday mode. This Kaftan has taken over my personality. I could have a Pina Colada on a Wednesday at 11am in this Kaftan. …..
But I won’t…. I flick the kettle on and make an instant coffee. I look outside and note the grey skies and debate whether to return my Kaftan to the closet or not. Damn it I will leave it on and just turn the aircon up a notch or three……

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  1. So stylish outfit. In love with you top. 😀

  2. Jules

     /  November 23, 2013

    Your niece thought you were wearing a poncho to your wedding. So that’s probably worse than a kaftan. Lol.

  1. Printed Kaftan Top | Holidae Online

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