If you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

90's revivalwideleghatyingIf you have lived a fashion once would you do it again??

Last night I was browsing through a number of on line stores. One thing that was noticeable was there is so much variety in fashion at the minute. You can dress from any era you wish. Even mix and match the eras if you so desire. I have to say I am a fan of it. Personal style- I’m all for it.

One thing I did note was a fashion collection of 90’s revival. I was a teenager in the early 90’s and my fashion was very 90’s. I really dislike 90’s fashion and I have no intention of repeating it again……

I have noticed this in others too. My Aunty was a 20 something night clubber in the 80’s with an ultra-hip 80’s wardrobe too match. She had skinnies in white wash known as “bubbly gum” jeans. Her wardrobe overloaded with power shoulders to put any Dynasty Character to shame. Have I ever seen her in skinny jeans since they exploded back into fashion? No. Have I ever seen her in anything resembling statement shoulders? Absolutely not.

These are my top 6 picks of “I WILL NEVER WEAR AGAIN”

Tiger striped hair- I had orange tiger stripes at about the age of 14. Oh how I loved it. The thought of chunky highlights still makes me shudder.

Wide Leg Jeans- Wide leg jeans were very cool. I actually can’t believe I had a pair on reflection. Wide jeans with an ultra-cool button fly were very cool mid 90’s. I can’t say I have worn a pair since. Unflattering, makes everyone appear several inches shorter than they actually are and reminds me of the school yard-Instantly banned in my wardrobe.

Denim Dresses with buttons- Oh how I loved this dress…when I was 12. I had one for my first Modelling Graduation. I found this dress (well not the exact dress) last night on ASOS under “90’s revival fashion”. Pass on that and I am starting to feel old……

Cord Pants- I had a pair of bright orange cord pants oh and not to forget lime green cord pants. I also briefly dated a guy that wore solely cord pants a few years ago and no they had not come back into vogue. I have cord pant issues. Cord pants are not to be seen in our house- ever.

Mambo memorabilia tees- I had one. One oversized t-shirt with a large fish smoking a joint on it… I can’t believe I was allowed to wear it on reflection. So hideous and from memory so expensive-Mambo- Love your artwork but I wouldn’t wear a mambo tee ever again.

New Age Clothing- Ying Yang jumpers, gypsy dresses in velvet and tie dye in burgundies and teal. Oh and Guatemalan berets. I never had the velvet dress but I have to admit I had the jumper and the hat. Oh god I am cringing writing this. No I will never don again. Oh and hemp.

On the upside- I love an 80’s shoulder, a 50’s skirt, a 70’s Mexican top and anything in between. As I sit here writing this I look down at my floral blazer and wonder if I will look back in 15 years and think …What on earth????????????????? More than likely….

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