Vintage Shoppers- A breed of their own…

jessica handy

I really like a good vintage find. Not a rubbish find- a real good vintage find. Clothing or Home wares, doesn’t matter.

I am somewhat of a clothing snob- I bypass Kmart and Target most of the time. But give me a second hand shop and I can’t resist a not so quick look….

When it comes to Vintage most people love it or hate it. Some people don’t get Vintage. Why not just buy a new one? I hear people cry. I get that- but there is nothing like finding an elusive vintage find.

Good vintage finds are getting hard to come by. So when I get one a part of me squeals (internally) of joy and excitement. My best vintage finds are the following-

A 70’s handkerchief style dress- Oh I love this dress but I have to confess I found it in my mother’s cupboard. Luckily for me it is a drawstring back which allows me to just squeeze into it.

A huge Turkish urn- I bought this of a woman in her 90’s for $2.00. The woman had bought it in her 20’s while travelling and carted it all the way back to Australia.  

70’s Leather embossed bags- Yes they are not the most cutting edge style by any fashion mag of late. However throw one against a white lace top and chambray pants and you can’t go wrong (in my mind anyhow!)

Burgundy Brazilian knee high boots- I bought these a few years ago for $39 dollars (no idea why I remember that amount). Made with a wooden stopper (a little bit like real ballet shoes) for a square toe look, they look rather casual yet chic. Shame my toes scream in agony after 45 minutes of wearing.

A sifter- Yes this is a strange one- I bought a sifter with sweet little mushrooms on the front. It screamed buy me!!!  However…I am yet to use it- but when I do I will most certainly don a lace edged apron to complement this 1950’s find. Oh and I will most likely attempt a sponge cake…..


These are my top tips for vintage shopping-

 Try it on- always….Vintage cuts can be amazing or truly hideous. It is not a fancy dress party. Although- if you really love it. Throw a fancy dress party for the purchase…….

Can you alter it? If this waist is good you may need to take the length up to modernize it.

Team vintage with modern- with both home wares and clothing

– Place a kitsch 70’sfind next to this season’s industrial style appliances.

-Wear a 70’s dress with ultra-modern accessories such as a leather cuff and these coming seasons flat over the knee boots.

And my last tips for Vintage shoppers I would say buy it if you love it. I regret not buying an immaculate 1950’s oversized pale pink woollen swing style coat a few years ago. It was a hot day in sunny Perth. The coat was several sizes too big to be honest but it was a great find. I sadly left it on the hanger. I still wonder what happened to that coat…….


Vintage do you love it or hate it???





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  1. Jules

     /  November 11, 2013

    Sorry can’t stand vintage! Just reminds me of mothballs and pure ugliness. Great blog though.


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