A penchant for overalls…..

DSC_0695I have always liked “difficult to wear fashion”.

I really have a thing for “overalls” or as some of my readers may prefer “dungarees”. I don’t know what it is exactly about overalls that compel me to buy and occasionally wear. However I will give it a crack-

Overalls are-

Casual yet quirky

So daggy they are verging on hip (Didn’t Stella McCartney had a pair in a recent collection? So they have to be hip, right???”

Fun and Immature to the point of feeling like you should be dressed for performing in the musical “Oliver”. Sometimes when I wear my overalls down a busy street a part of me feels like I could break into song.

Impractical- Let’s face it what exactly is the point of the bib? However without the bib there is no overall!!!

Can induce mother and child twin dressing- yes this is slightly disturbing. However, I have to admit I have….dressed my son and I in similar outfits consisting of white t-shirts and overalls. Yes…I am partially cringing….

You have tendency to put your hands in your pockets while wearing overalls. I am not sure if this is a pro or con to actually wearing overalls…. However I have had my hand in both pockets at least twice today.

You can drop a side of your overalls down for a really “relaxed look”. Or to avoid that unwanted camel toe overalls can unfortunately create (I told you they were a difficult wardrobe item)

Without sounding like a 1950’s housewife (I am actually a 2013 part time housewife), I don’t mind cleaning in overalls.

And another factor, I am 30. How long can I successfully get away with wearing overalls?  It’s time to make the most of it…


Blogger Style Notes- Overalls Dotti-Top, Portmans-Sandals –Marcus-B

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  1. Annie

     /  October 30, 2013

    Clever girl love your Blogs 🙂


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