The Gift With Purchase- Beauty Counter

jessica sarah handy cosmetics

I have a real weakness for these things called “GWP’s”. Are you with me here? You know- Gift with Purchase!?!?

Despite writing about my passion for consuming vast amounts of beauty, fashion and home wares- I am infact quite “tight” with money. My husband is possibly reading this thinking- if that’s tight I would hate to see “generous”…..

Anyhow back to the story…. I had run out of foundation, concealer, face wash, moisturiser. Put it this way- the cosmetics/skin care drawer was starting to stretch to the point where I was rubbing lip gloss into the apples of my cheeks just for a bit of colour and contemplating washing my face with diluted Morning Fresh detergent….

So here I was (I had 5 minutes- I always spend in a rush).  After the usual make-up counter consultation I select an ingenious foundation with a concealer located in the blingey top section. This is $74 dollars. I love this foundation so this is fine- I am planning to leave it at that.

Until…… “Have you tried the Dreamtone”? Response “No- I have heard it’s really good, didn’t you have it for offer with GWP last month?” “Yes we did”. I am now sampling the product on my hand. “Isn’t it velvety?” – gushes the sales assistant. “Yes, it’s nice, how much is it?” I am not buying the Dream tone I am thinking- not without a GWP.

“If you would like the Dreamtone, I can make an exception as we have one “Gift with Purchase” left – It will be $170 dollars for everything, valued at over $450.I am secretly wondering if my client card says “Will not buy without GWP”.

 Without hesitation I take the lot. I don’t even know what is in the GWP. I am feeling somewhat ill. I hope there is a bronzer in that GWP bag as I feel like the blood is running straight from my face as my card is swiped through.

“Approved” smiles the shop assistant. That’s surprising I think to myself.

I am now on a spending role. I head to the menswear buy my husband a new pair of mustard pants. I then buy my son 2 new outfits and a pair of shoes. I get out of the store.

I get in the car and open the elusive GWP worth an apparent $225 dollars. This better be good.

I open up the gaudy complimentary GWP bag (why are these bags always horrific, this one is red satin with an imprint of a rose- very 1985). I pull out an Anti-stress moisturising cream- thank god I am feeling this is necessary at this point in time.

 I get home and flick through the other products. I am impressed-somewhat. On one hand I highly doubt these 3 ml samples are worth $225.00. On the other hand I admire their pretty bottles as I proudly sit them on the aptly named vanity.

Gift with Purchasemy beauty retail weakness.

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