The not so mellow yellow jumper….

I originally was going to post this “post” as a guide to wearing neon.

Combining décor and fashion...........

Combining décor and fashion………..

However I am not really a fan of neon…on myself.

Despite writing about fashion trends my wardrobe is primarily muted shades of pink, nudes, white and black.

So neon doesn’t come naturally to me-

I love neon on naturally darker skin tones but on fairer types neon is a tricky one to wear.

I bought a bright yellow jumper (or sweater for you Canadians) last month. I have no idea why… I think because I had recently redecorated with a lot of yellow I subconsciously thought my wardrobe should follow suit.

Anyway you can’t just throw this jumper on. It’s just in your face. You can’t just wack it on with a pair of jeans or throw it over any old dress.

Oh the dilemma……

After much debating on what I was actually going to wear it with I found out these things about wearing neon yellow. You may even call them tips…..
• Neon works with pale denim
• Neon works with tan and gold accessories
• Neon works with this season’s geometric print
• Neon works with tan
• Neon can make you appear as if you suffer from a bad case of jaundice. Some form of blush or bronzer has to be worn to pull off neon on fairer skins.
• Neon is difficult to wear, particularly yellow. If you are feeling you look a bit …shall we say sallow. Try adding a scarf, or layering a top in a more flattering shade closest to your face.

So what did I end up wearing this not so mellow yellow jumper with? Well considering this jumper is not really me I decided on just going the whole sh-bang on not really being me. I added tights, gold high top sneaker wedges, Missoni inspired skirt, a black top to avoid looking sallow and a bright coral top layered underneath to lift my pale winter complexion.

The Verdict-Possibly not an item destined to become a wardrobe staple. However fashion is meant to be fun- so here’s to not so mellow yellow!

Blogger Style Notes-
Yellow Jumper- KITCHY KU
Coral Top-TARGET
Shoes- ASOS

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