Toddler Antics- You have a toddler? read on….

Toddler Antics-
You have a toddler? I am betting you can relate to the following….
You will rarely if ever have a bubble bath without the addition of a plastic toy truck or a rubber duck being thrown in. Other additions to the bath is usually the toddler themselves. Don’t bother with the candles for mood lighting you will be out before they are.

You may develop “guns” or prominent arm muscles. Carrying 10kgs plus around for a good percentage of the day creates the best arm definition I have had in my life. Note to self- alternate child to avoid resembling Madonna like arms on one side and tuck shop lady arms on the other.

Your toddler will at some point fall asleep after you. I have flaked it in bed with a toddler literally dancing on my head at some ungodly hour (It was probably only 10 o’clock).

You will step on Lego while creeping to bed. Lego seems to grow spikes when the lights are turned off.

On the subject of toys- you will wake through the night hearing strange voices- Voices coming from the bottom of toy boxes, voices that you can’t reach easily, voices that you are too tired to get up and turn off. This can actually be quite scary, especially combined with sleep deprivation….

You will start to enjoy cartoons again. I have no idea what is going on in the world of adult news these days however I know exactly what “Charlie and Lola” and “Gaspar and Lisa” have spent their day doing…

You will never just dash down the street with a walking toddler. A 5 minute non toddler trip could turn into a 45 minute stroll with your toddler with activity such as “stop and sit down on road”, “curiously check every leaf and rock in their view path” or decide they want to walk the other way……basically toddlers take their time to “smell the roses”” I know it is totally adorable if you have the time…..not so much when the only open shop is about to close in 3 minutes and you are completely out of nappies.

Can you relate?

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