Eek I became a smug married!!!!!

_DSC0673Remember Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw the pioneers for single women all over the world?

Well I loved them whole heartedly when I was a singleton and for that matter now as a happily married, smug married.

One of the things I remember was what Bridget Jones referred to as “Smug Marrieds’”. You know when your single and you go to any event and someone who is usually married or in some sort of serious committed union will indeed ask “Are you seeing any one at the moment?”, “How’s your love life?”, “When are you planning on settling down?”. “I’m so surprised you haven’t met anyone serious yet?” Well that’s what you call a smug married.

Questions such as this used to infuriate me. It is rather difficult to settle down if you have no one remotely appropriate or even totally inappropriate to settle down with….

Smug marrieds would also ask questions such as “How many kids do you want?” What kind of answer can one give to this when your current state of love life is as the chorus line of Friends theme track would call it DOA (Ha, I am such a girl of the 90’s).

I actually caught myself being a smug married the other day. I was interrogating a single friend about her love life and actually thought to myself, “Oh shut up”. My interrogation came after she told me she had a huge bunch of girly DVD’S to watch that evening as I ignored the football game playing in the way to close background.

Anyway as much as I love being married (I am really over emphasising this as I am a smug married now!), I can tell you there are certain things you will never do as you did as a singleton….

My first and foremost- Clothing, footwear and any other type of accessories are must haves- whatever their cost. The night before I went on my first official date with my husband I decided I was going to wear an expensive Karen Walker number. I had no way of actually affording this. However… I did have a sensible mattress on layby. What did I do? Cancelled the layby and bought the dress. Could I do that now? …Possibly not. “How great do I look darling and by the way we don’t actually have a mattress arriving now….”

Eating cereal for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner-This really is not a possibility for a committed girl. “What’s for dinner?” (Oh and I have to admit my husband frequently cooks), “That would be a bowl of oats topped with banana and brown sugar for the 3rd night running darling”….. Not likely.

Staying up late watching entire series collections of girly television- Actually to be perfectly honest I still do this just not as frequently. I think I have watched the last episode of Sex and The City at least 30 times and manage to shed a tear every time (there are so many hidden things in that last episode, you know??). Although it is difficult to shed that tear when your husband is standing in the hallway saying “I just never really got into this show”. Great, go to bed, I love you; let me indulge in this female ritual.

Doing a grocery shop that consists of nothing more than dip and crackers and perhaps a few Lindt chocolate balls- This would be the equivalent of my husband serving me a six pack of beer for dinner.

I booked and paid for a holiday I couldn’t really afford when I was single and was left with about $5.00 for the week. I didn’t care. I had my breakfast cereal staple.

So there you have it. The next time a smug married questions your romantic prospects consider shooting them back a line such as “I best be off, I just bought myself this divine Karen Walker dress. I want to try it on with a million different shoes and accessories whilst watching Sex and The City 2 again….. whilst devouring a whole box of Lindt chocolate balls for dinner”.

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  1. great post – google “pregnant women are smug” but Garfunkle and Oats – you will get a kick out of it

  2. Oh I have found out it was actually a song, Absolutely Hilarious!!!


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