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Due to the fact we have moved so frequently our houses have been hugely varied. In the last few years we have lived in an ugly besser brick house, a tiny quirky apartment in England, a polished 5 star pad in Cairns and now we are living in a shack-like house on the North East coast of Tasmania, Bridport.

One thing I love to do- particularly now we have a family is create a home wherever we are. Having small children can limit décor choices- who would have a white suede couch with children that can smear chocolate all over  possibly the most valuable item in a house in under 3 seconds?

These are my top tips for turning a house into a home without breaking the budget-

Currently our home is taking on a beach side theme crossed with a bit of cosy chic and a pinch of art house flair. So yes it incorporates alot….

* Consider what the house is going to lend itself to if its not your permanent dwelling!!. Work with the flaws- Our house is on the rougher side, timber floors and a not so flattering ice blue painted throughout… however it’s workable having chosen a more rustic theme.

* Think big- Invest in larger wall art canvases/mirrors/pieces rather than those that are small and tend to get lost. If you are unable to hang pieces, larger canvases can be propped against the wall. This look is often seen in many an interior decorating book. If you are on a tight budget or love to get creative buy canvas’s and scour the internet for easy geometric paintings to inspire and replicate.

*Work with your standout pieces. You have a stand out chair or an awesome wine rack? Work with those and add touches of the same colours throughout. You have nothing that screams “Look at me!!”- try painting a chair a bright shade that you love.

*Be creative with storage- Use the unusual to store the usual. Our wine rack is usually packed with wooden trains as opposed to wine…. (Much to husband’s horror)

*Add texture- If you love a cosy chic look, pile knitted blankets together and layer throws in different textures over one another (This is a great idea if you have little ones as opposed to just ruining your couch- you can just wash your throws…). Texture can be added by creating nooks with objects varying in materials- glass, wire and wood.

*Use the usual, unusually… -Have a vintage coat, a special dress or scarves that are exceptionally coloured? Use as a feature- A beautiful dress on an ornate coat hanger hanging in the bedroom can look fantastic. Mannequins make great feature pieces in a home- It’s like having a small shop window to dress…

*Remember lighting- Lighting can vary a home’s feel immensely. Cover any naked bulbs ASAP!!! Paper lanterns are a cheap alternative to expensive light shades. Choose white to create more space. Or mismatch colours to create an eclectic touch.

*Style luxe with less- I like to combine a more expensive item such as the wine rack (pictured) with a rustic pallet table my husband created, or teaming an antique Turkish vase next to a vintage suitcase.

*Less is more- If you’re anything like me you possibly have a lot of decorating items. Put away what isn’t working and keep living space clean.

*Use a colour continuously- As mentioned before work a colour throughout the main living areas but don’t be afraid to use something bright. This season I have chosen neon yellow. Surprisingly it works well with rustic style furniture.

*Kitchen looking bland- Colour block with your kitchen bits and pieces. Kitchen appliances are a bit special these days with all their colours and artistic shapes and really deserve a spot in the public eye.

*Remove ugly condiment containers. Replace tea, coffee, sugar and anything else that is frequently out on display with jars of choice. I have a thing for inexpensive plain glass containers at the minute.

*Be open to change- I change the décor a lot. If it’s not working change it.

*Above all have fun.



Text and images provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com- not to be reproduced without the author’s consent.

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