The lowdown on turning 30…………

So you hit 30….



This year I turned 30. I always imagined turning 30 to be a real downer. 30, it sounded so serious, so old, so boring.  I also didn’t realize just how quickly 30 years would pass.

However-The positive side of 30…

1-By 30 you are most likely pretty comfortable in your own skin (okay you still have a few off days).

2- You’re old enough to have outlived traumatic pimple outbreaks. Although you are still young enough to get a pimple- which on the positive side of things suggests youth is still on your side.

3-By 30 you realize not everyone is going to like you. You won’t float everyone’s boat. Some people will think you’re a hoot while others will think you are partly insane, annoying or just plain unlikeable. That’s ok though.

4-You have confidence in what looks right on you. If you like it- you’re happy. It doesn’t bother you in the slightest that some people probably think you look god damn awful. If you love your new denim overalls that a friend tells you are the worst invention known to fashion you simply don’t give a damn…. Oh and your friend is still your friend after saying such statements. In fact you both find it amusing- you like each other for who you are not for what you wear.

5-You stop caring about the small stuff. You fall over in public. You get up. You’re embarrassed for 15 seconds. Your fly was undone for possibly a good half of the day. Its ok- on the positive side you had underwear on. Life goes on.

6-You can laugh at yourself.  What made for horrifically embarrassing moments earlier in life become fabulous topics for dinner parties.

7-You’re more confident. You can give an opinion without fear you will be alienated by friends and if you are, well the friendship might be over.

8-Friendships are better- You’re past malicious gossip. I recently read a quote that said something to the effect of- girls are envious of one another, women empower one another. False friendships deteriorate and more genuine friendships are formed once you hit the 30 mark.

9-You have a fair understanding of who you are and what you want out of life. However you’re still young enough to not be set in your ways…..too much. You may frequent the same restaurant but you might try the salmon instead of your usual choice of salt and pepper squid (just to be really out there!!!)

10-You’re individual. By 30 you don’t give two hoots about trying to be something you’re just not. Turns out I am never going to be a pro basket baller in this life time.

 So there you have it- 30 it’s not so bad after all.



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  1. Jules

     /  October 2, 2013

    Brilliant read 🙂


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