Visible Pant Line- A Fashion Crime or Fashionably Fine?

www.jessicasarahdotcom.comIf there is one thing I detest its VPL. You know- visible pant line.

Anyhow I don’t walk around analysing people’s clothed bottoms in great depth just looking for a VPL. It’s just sometimes VPL literally is impossible to ignore.

I personally think VPL on my behind is a fashion sin. Unless I am wearing heavy denim, there is no possibility for VPL occurring.

Reasons for this- I have a definite bottom …..

If I was to wear a “brief” my bottom is cut into 4 quarters.
If I wore a “boy leg” they would ride up uncomfortably.
If I wore “frilly French knickers” I would still be able to detect the lace on close analysis.
If I wore a “seamless nanna pant” I would feel about 85 and half the time you can still see a line.

Is this every pant covered? (Excuse the pun)

So clearly I wear a G-string, or a V-string which are basically bottomless underpants.

But there is always a flip side to the brief or G-string debate-

Bending over and displaying the top of your G-string is not classy and never ever chic. Have I been guilty of this? – Unfortunately yes…Cringing…

Wind does blow and you will undoubtedly show complete strangers your bottom. But you won’t actually be aware of this 90% of the time if that’s any conciliation.

My husband just informed me some men dig panty lines… (Ok, well if you’re single perhaps try wearing a visible brief while shopping at the supermarket secretly searching aisles for potential suitors)

A hipster jean, a G-string and a backless chair in a café, bar or any other establishment where the general public dwell is a tricky situation. Tip- Sit with your bottom in a corner seat that backs up to a wall. No one wants to enjoy a latte while viewing your plumber’s crack (no matter how great your bottom may be…)

So there it is- I have put it on the line. The visible pant line that is…..

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