How the facebook profile shot evolved…….and how we all got so photogenic…..

www.jessicasarahdotcom.comI think I have been on face book about 5 years. If there is one thing Facebook brought out in everyone its vanity. I took a quick scroll down my friends list and I would say everybody has a “good” profile picture shot. We know to stand in the right light, pose on our best side and keep our chin down as well as a multitude of other photography must do-s to achieve a flattering shot. If you are telling me you always upload shot no.1, I don’t believe you for a second.

I think in the last 5 years I have had about 80 profile picture changes (often repeating my real favourites ;-)….). So that averages about 17 shots or so a year’…. However I think most of those shots were in the first couple of years of face book- boy did I get Facebook profile picture overload syndrome.

I must admit mine and the general public’s profile pictures has somewhat evolved from that initial profile picture upload…..

Profile pic No.1-I remember the first picture I uploaded was a candid picture (god, remember those days when you went to a social event and only one person in the whole room had a camera on hand…..) In fact it was snapped at a birthday party. I thought the photo was good; my eyes were both open, I was smiling- and it was me.

Well my profile picture has seen some drastic changes since then….

The glamour shot- I think we may have all had some kind of glamour shot uploaded at some point in time. I was particularly keen on mine. In fact I had a whole album of glamour shots. My favourite was a photo against an old barn and a supposed “come hither” look or perhaps it was just a pout with a slight smirk on reflection….

The risqué shot- I stood on a rusted old car in a men’s jacket displaying a fair amount of flesh. Although I did like the photo it only lasted up a week (although I didn’t delete it).I asked my mum if she liked it. The response – “Dirty old men will be looking at that, do you like the sound of that?”, “Hmmm no, but my ego sure is enjoying the positive attention thank you mum”.

The new boyfriend shot- “I have a boyfriend and it is serious enough to make it to profile picture status”. Luckily there is also the delete button for those relationships that soured.

The new mum and baby shot- Babies are so easy to pose with and let’s face it you are never prouder in your life than when you have your first baby (and possibly the others, I wouldn’t know). I would have about 400 mother and baby images on the hard drive…and that’s only the first 6 months. Luckily for Facebook friends I was restrained enough to only hit upload 30 times or possibly more so…. Make the most of it ladies- toddlers won’t stay still long enough to endure a photo shoot longer than a millisecond.

The wedding shot- I uploaded a wedding shot about 48 hours after the event. No one looks bad on their wedding day- and besides everyone wants to see the dress. If there is ever a time for narcissistic behaviour- be it your wedding day.

This really is only just covering the whole Facebook profile picture evolution. These days I try and contain myself on the upload button and it seems so has a lot of others. Perhaps they are just over it. Perhaps they are now “instagramming” as that appears to be solely devoted to uploading carefully constructed photos. Or perhaps we just want to enjoy a dinner out without feeling the pressure to upload a shot of ourselves indulging in an overpriced crème caramel whilst still managing to look effortlessly attractive.

One thing I do wonder is if Facebook and other social media’s will still exist when we are all old and grey residing in nursing homes? Will we sit in our rooms with our just finished crocheted rugs over our swollen legs and upload selfies with # tags such as – #new crochet rug #hot granny#sunny days nursing home# ??

I guess we will just have to wait and see……

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