As sophisticated as an aristocat or was that an aristocrat?

_DSC0673I egotistically like to think of myself as someone with great taste and the ability to engage in refined conversation. On occasion I have even been described as being….sophisticated (I know this ego of mine is expanding as I recall such lovely comments).

However to be truthful I am no more sophisticated or refined than the next commoner on the street.

One thing I suffer from is having a “slip of the tongue” on many a finer occasion…..

Slip 1-

Sitting in airport I decide to order myself a “rosé wine”. Horrifyingly I asked the woman for a “rose wine”. Blushing as red as a rose recalling this memory-Ego shrinking.

Slip 2
Telling someone I would like to collect “hair-loom steiff bears” as opposed to the more commonly collected “heir-loom steiff bears”. Perhaps the person thought I was just collecting “hairy bears”, eek…….

Slip 3-
Proudly declaring to someone I just loved Versailles while possibly boring them with an overload of photos of Versailles. Shame Versailles is pronounced “Verr- Sai” rather than “Ver- sails”.

Slip 4-
Bustling up to the beauty counter in my best Australian accent. “Yes I use the lan- come”. I later found out its pronounced more like “lahn-kuum”. However I have heard “lon-com” used also. Estee lauder is so much easier to say.

Slip 4-
“Yes, I would like to order the lovely chorizo and mushroom ragout”. That would be the Ra-gooooo madam? – cringing, yes that would be correct. Rag-out- what was I thinking??

Slip 5-
My husband told me when we first got together I looked like an aristocrat with my long neck (he could have just called me a giraffe). I excitedly told someone “He is just so sophisticated; he said I had a neck like an aristo-cat”.

It could be worse-
A lovely friend on mine told me a friend of hers was getting a tattoo. The friend was going to get a channel on her arm. “A channel”- I was stumped. “You know the brand?” my friend informed me. “Oh, you mean Chanel” (my ego momentarily grew).

The point- It happens to the best of us (some more than others). Anyhow I am off now to indulge in a glass of fine rose wine and a bowl of rag-out.

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