The luxe trackpant…..

DSC_1438Have you ever bought something that isn’t exactly you?

Well I did the other day. I had been eyeing of a pair of silk pants from my favourite shop in town. Well technically it is the only clothing store in town but it is a really, really good one. Anyhow the pants were $140 originally and had been significantly reduced. So clearly now was the time to invest.

The pants are a bit like an elastic waisted, silk pair of track pants. Anyone that knows me knows I do not own track pants. Some people can wear track pants like jeans- you don’t really notice them. But track pants and I don’t mix.

So these were my version of the track pant. Hmm what to wear them with- all black with tan accessories I decide. Oh and a pair of aviators. I really like an aviator style shade however my persona is just not quite cool enough to pull them off without feeling partly ridiculous (I have included a photo for your entertainment).

I first wear them down to vote on Saturday (for Canadian readers we had an election), on Sunday I wear them for brunch in town and on Monday I wear them again for Kindy Gym. Gee these really are like track pants- they are sure getting a workout….

If you wear something that isn’t you it can be strange. 99.9 per cent of my wardrobe is structured. Not tight, structured. Not these pants they are generous -Generous enough to eat a second handful of seafood at lunch yesterday without a second thought.

There is also something different about the way I walk in these pants. If you are wearing heels you don’t stoop, you don’t sit cross-legged in a skirt or dress on the couch (unless you want to look really raunchy in front of company) and you walk with your legs close together.

Not in these pants. In these pants you sort of sway and sashay at the same time. Perhaps I should name this term “swashaying”. When I wear them I feel like I should be backpacking around Peru but on the luxe side. I would have to take the deluxe room at the hostel in these pants.

I am not planning to give up my normal lady like wardrobe as much as I love the comfort of these pants. As the lady in the shop told me…. “You can dress the pants up with heels”- true so true. So I bought the other 2 pairs on sale as well. You just never know when you will need a pair of pants to “swashay” about in.

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  1. Jules

     /  October 18, 2013

    Hilarious! But do they allow your bum to breath like cotton does. That’s my question.


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