The ego of Kanye West and Oprah- Thanks for reading 3,000 visitors today!!!

Chanel-Hula-Hoop-BagToday is another mini milestone for 3,000 visitors in just over 3 months.

The first post I wrote was about my longing for a Chanel bag- aptly named The Chanel Bag- I posted it and was amazed by the amount of people that viewed the post. I was inspired to keep writing and keep motivated. Not that I really needed any motivation- I love writing and I will often write at 2 am if an idea springs to mind!!!

It was a mixed bag of responses when I started blogging. “Why don’t you just write a book?”, “I find it offensive” or “What is the point of it?”. I even had an email telling me I had the ego of Kanye West and Oprah- Interesting I thought……

Great things can happen when you write a blog; paid work has stemmed from it, I gained some great recognition through a competition, however more importantly I have an audience now. When I write I know someone is most likely reading, they may be thinking…. “Is this woman for real?” but they are reading. My readers are vast from a budding beautician to a politician in England. I love being able to connect with people and make people actually laugh out loud as opposed to just writing lol.

So thanks for reading everyone-

Jess x

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  1. I think the size is ridiculous. But it gave me a great idea! 🙂 You might as well carry a hula hoop. lol

  2. Lucy

     /  September 9, 2013

    I adore your writing. I am terrible unfashionable and have become lazy with my appearance ( comes with the fact I have to cover and dress very nun like in the UAE) so I look forward to you posts and funny stories on this. 5 star from me.


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