First class wannabe – economy frequenter

I think I have read at least 50 articles on how to look amazing while travelling on a long haul flight. Well in particular the part about sautéing down the tarmac looking effortlessly glamorous and full of life. This is a great concept if you are travelling first class or on your own private jet. That would be a possibility. For the rest of us- it is difficult to not look like a fatigued zombie when flying “economy” for 15 hour +.

Unfortunately I have never travelled First Class (my husband has and that’s just unfair as I would have really appreciated it). The best I can boast is Premium Economy on British Airways flying from the U.K to Australia.

I got really excited after my husband booked the tickets and declared I would be purchasing a hydrating facial mask to apply for the journey(possibly one of those Ski ii masks..). I imagined myself sipping on peppermint tea throughout the journey and emerging looking so completely radiant no one would even know I was suffering chronic morning sickness. My husband sadly informed me it was basically just a larger seat and more leg room. Damn, that sounds nothing like one of those “pods” I envisaged.

So the trip came and I sat in a bigger more luxurious chair but not luxurious enough to feel I was in first class (however the serviettes were upgraded to a more regal shade of navy off memory and the blanket pack was far superior ;-))

I never bought the mask by the way. I would have felt completely ridiculous anyhow- Imagine washing it off in a too small to even turn around in toilet cubicle. Which brings me to the belief that only first class travellers join the mile high club????

Anyhow, I certainly didn’t stop traffic with anything to do with my appearance. I was too busy looking for the nearest toilet to vomit upon arrival at the Singapore airport than to be parading around an airport feeling like a famous person that just awoke from 12 hours of blissful sleep in a pod.
On the positive side I did buy two great dresses from Singapore’s airport Zara store (conveniently located next to the toilets), which proves women will shop even when they literally feel like they are going to cark it.

However there is a secret to perfecting rehydrated good looks and it is located in Singapore’s airport and I am sure many other airports…

“The Beauty Room”

Ok that’s not the official name and it’s not really a secret. However it really is the most beautiful room. The room is essentially devised as a shower and toilet room. Except…. The room has those lovely individual oval mirrors with those Hollywood lights around the edges. Off memory red carpet was included (it sounds crass but it really is special). It is completely fantastic for a half way stop over haul. The best part – anyone can use it (that has a ticket of course…..) and its free. You could even put a hydrating mask on and it wouldn’t be ridiculous…

Sadly I never got to use it. I know it’s terribly disappointing…. an opportunity to use that hydrating mask gone by.
Till next time I say.

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  1. 03fifi

     /  September 5, 2013

    Loving your stories and interpretations Jess. Makes me giggle. I’m not the only one who is constantly worrying about my appearance. Hee hee. P.S. the pods are wonderful as is the French champagne. Body products in large toilets also a beautiful touch. Haven’t joined that club though and not on bucket list. I like 5 stars for those antics. Xxxx Fi.

    • Thanks so much , Perhaps you will have to write your own blog about your travel experiences especially the 5 star antics !!! Green with envy on hearing you are a “pod” frequenter!!! xx


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