Interior motives….


Interior Design or perhaps more modestly, DIY Interior Decorating or even humbly Home Decorating is in fact a highly becoming  hobby for a large percentage of the population. I would imagine it is mostly women making up this percentage, however I could be wrong but I am doubtful. It appears women of their late 20’s although more frequently early 30’s and beyond seem to be completely addicted to this trend. It seems to combine fashion and décor into one.

I never imagined myself crossing over into a love of linen at 30 and abandoning a love of overpriced fabulous fashion . Well this hobby seem to blur fashion and living into one.Not only do I choose to wear my new Aztec printed tights but I can also rest my patterned legs on a matching Aztec throw, I know… Its a sinister trend and I have not been the only one cast under its spell. I…

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