How to wear a white shirt- and not be mistaken for a waiter….

sleeveless layered ruffle chiffon shirttalbots Aqua Flatacus hocusHemley Blue Paisley Scarf 40.38 pounds

The White Shirt- Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Fashion has always had its elite must have pieces. Well actually the pieces are often classed as iconic, timeless, never fail or even investment pieces.

You know- The Little Black Dress
-Yes I have that in several different varieties and I agree it is a never fail piece.

Or –The Trench
-Yes I own a satin black trench which really is perfect over any cocktail dress. Again I agree this is a fail-safe item.

Perhaps – The Black Leather Jacket-Yes I own this one also-“The Black Leather Jacket” is a bit of a modern take on the “must have pieces list”- However I do own a much loved Balenciaga leather knockoff with its not so classic statement shoulders.

And then there is – THE WHITE SHIRT

As much as every fashion mag raves about the white shirt I had never felt particularly swayed to buy a white shirt. I am just not a shirt person; I really haven’t worn a collared shirt since I was 16 and a check out chick at K-mart. Isn’t a white shirt a bit corporate, a bit safe and well a bit god damn boring???

A few months ago my mum wore a white shirt and I did think that looks rather chic, however my mum is 56. I am 30, I don’t want to look old before my time. Not that she is old… I just don’t want to look 56.

White shirts are used a lot in profile shots for magazines. Often the person is wearing the white shirt seductively without any underwear underneath (appearing as if they just woke up and threw on their boyfriends white shirt and managed too look amazing). This is great on a page but to wear out in the general public’s view.. I think not.

Apparently a white shirt will frame the face and flatter every face shape. Interesting I say……perhaps there is something in this white shirt business?

So I bought a white shirt last month. I will give this classic time piece a run. I have bought an oversized sleeveless white shirt with a lace collar from H & M. I also found a similar version with some rather pretty frills from for a mere $24.46 (pictured above).

What was I going to wear this with?

Here is the white shirt low down on how to look anything but boring in your white shirt…..

When buying……Oversized shirts give a relaxed urban vibe, opt for fabrics with a softer, fluid feel.
Look for white shirts with unusual detailing- lace, studs, embroidery.
A longer length white shirt will give you the option of teaming it with leggings without looking like you …forgot your pants.

When selecting the other wardrobe bits…..Pair it with print- add this seasons geometric print pants.
White and denim work- to keep it relaxed a chambray pant or to dress it up dark wash skinnies will work.
Pair it with spring colours- pale blue, apricot.

The final touches…..Follow the monochrome trend- add contemporary black and white accessories.
Keep hair and make-up undone- although a bright lip works well with the white shirt if your feeling a tad washed out.
Add a scarf for colour- If white makes you look washed out add a paisley scarf.

So there you have it- How to wear a white shirt- without looking like a waitress or more politically correct waiter…..

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