The not so practical hat stand….

DSC_0929For quite some time I have been contemplating a fairly mundane, practical purchase. I wanted no other than a hat stand. Or perhaps some may call it a hat rack or a coat stand, however for today’s post I will call it a “hat stand”. I wanted my “hat stand” to be beach-ey, white and that classic hat/coat stand shape.

Today I found it. I was in what appeared to be a beautiful but seemingly overpriced boutique that had 40% off storewide. Hmmm I spot a hat stand that ticked all the boxes. Even better the 40% off pushed the hat stand into reasonable even cheap cost territory. “I think I might get this, we need it” I say to my husband. I buy it and it easily fits in the car breaking down into three neat parts (clearly it was meant to be- such a practical buy in so many ways).

We get home after a four hour drive. I am not fussed about getting the suitcases out of the car although I am fussed about getting the new hat stand out. My husband reads my mind. In comes the hat stand.

“Why don’t you put it in the laundry?” my husband suggests. “Oh my god, no way” I think to myself- “My new hatstand is a feature and is not to be put in the laundry”. “I could put it in the bedroom but who would see it in there?…no I will put it in the kitchen/dining area”… “Yes, that way guests can hang their jacket up” I think to myself. I end up finding the perfect spot. It looks really nice. It really compliments the space. I am just loving the hat stand.

“Are you going to put your coats on it” my husband asks. “Yes, but only the ones that suit”. Hmm this is now bordering into a not so practical purchase. I look in my closet “Black satin trench- no way … that does not suit my seaside theme.. remotely, Black leather biker jacket absolutely not, hmmmm what am I actually going to put on this hat stand ???”.

I know what I will put on it, another impractical purchase.
A never worn (by me anyway) vintage beige fur jacket…. now that does work! I knew I bought that jacket for a reason.

I look around the room and note other impractical yet on first impression practical purchases. Firstly a large wine rack with nothing in it, a vintage high chair that is unsafe yet very stylish, an embossed leather guitar case with no guitar actually inside it, an empty 1970’s empty suitcase….oh and a chair for display purchases only.

On the positive side- the rooms looks rather fabulous. However, guests please be aware- only fur coats to be hung on hat stand. Oh and don’t sit on that chair and don’t pop your baby in the fabulously stylish vintage high chair either. But apart from that … come in and relax I really am easy going.

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