10 Things I am loving this month- (possibly inspired by a fortnight in Melbourne)

walnut leopard slipperwww.jessicasarahdotcom.comasos sneaker wedgewww.jessicasarahdotcom.comwww.jessicasarahdotcom.com

1-Macaroons- In particular ones found in pretty and narrow high ceiling arcades with lush names such as pistachio and strawberry or elderflower and rose water ( or something along those exotic lines). Macaroons are the most luxurious 2 bites of heaven for a not so mere $2.80 (or $1.40 a bite).

2-Walnut Leopard Flats- When in Rome….. Well when in Melbourne the footwear of choice was flats. 99.9 per cent of urban street fashionistas were sporting flats. I followed suit and walked about 60km in these shoes without a blister in sight.

3-The sneaker/wedge- I don’t own sandshoes/runners/sneakers/joggers. However I do own these- sneaker wedges (pictured). What a hybrid, what a possible fashion faux pas of the future. These shoes aren’t exactly me (they are so not a tan wedge).However they do ignite endless conversation about why I bought them.

4-Navy Royal Trench Coats- An absence of the usual abomination of black in the city this winter. A trend of navy and cream woollen trench coats blazed over the city. A little bit royal, a little bit classy, a little bit Kate Middleton….

5-Real Hot Chocolate- A stop to “Chokolait” in Little Collins St is a must do. Yes these real hot Belgian chocolates are a decadent $6.30 but really worth every sip. Besides, after all that walking around the city I had burnt enough calories to indulge in one and perhaps a glazed orange choc dipped delicacy to boot.

6-Night Time City Walking- Ok it wasn’t Paris but a city definitely has a romantic ambiance of an evening particularly in the dead of winter. Especially when combined with a crepe bought from a French street seller. Maybe not so romantic after repetitively saying to my husband “Isn’t this just so romantic?”

7-Spring Pastels- Ok it was so cold, however loving browsing next season’s spring pastels. Loving my new number from Maxim-which already has had on outing even if it was hidden under my navy trench coat 99 per cent of the time after an early morning photo shoot!!!.

8-Cue’s city shopfront- A very inviting display of Geometric floral patterns in waist cinching designs that begged “Try me on”.

9-Polar Fleeced Tights- What an invention!!-Silky on the outside and a layer of the world’s most hideous yet so warm polar fleece fabric on the inside. Ingenious- why didn’t I know about this earlier?

10-Targets new advertising campaign “Get your GOK on” was apparent everywhere in the city- I am a bit of a Gok fan after watching many episodes of “How to look good naked” when I was in England a few years ago. He actually makes me want to shop in Target or should I say “Tarjay”.

Text provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com
Images provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com, http://www.sundayshoes.com, http://www.tripadvisor.com, http://www.asos.com

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