Oh I forgot to create a vision board……

mood boardsAre you familiar with a Concept Board, Mood Board, Inspirations Board or even a Vision Board???

Well I always thought they were reserved for art students or people on house renovation shows. Oh I was just so wrong….

Whatever you like to call your “Board”, they are just “so right now” when it comes to things to do.

Everyone is creating a board of some description these days. I don’t have one but I am calling mine a “vision board” when I do. I really feel the term “mood board” is edging into passé board territory. Actually I am possibly wrong- I recently read an article that said a “vision” board was for dreamers. It insisted on throwing out your “vision” board for an “active” board….one could only imagine what that entails.

Hmmm what to envisage on my …..vision board…

Some people such as fashion designers create boards about their new collections. This makes sense. Even Vera Wang does it. But I don’t have a collection. I do have a collection of my personal clothes though…… that’s an idea a vision board of possible wardrobe outfits.

The other day I actually read a Vogue article about developing personal style and they did suggest…. creating a “style mood board”. Gosh even Vogue is recommending us to go back to basics with cutting out clippings and pinning them to cork boards to display artfully in our homes.

Other people create “home renovation vision boards”. Basically it’s cutting up your Real Living, Vogue Living and whatever else you read to create the ultimate home décor scheme. You could even pin fabric swatches to your vision board. I could do that. I am now getting why people use Pintrest so frequently now. It would be a lot less messy.

Some people create “life vision boards”. This entails cutting lots of things you would like in life and pinning them to the board. You could pin a cruise ship sailing to exotic locations or pin a super imposed picture of yourself outside the pyramids. Gosh you could pin a Burmese cat and yourself having a hot chocolate on the couch if that’s what you so desired.

I can’t believe I don’t have an established board- of any description.

Honestly I have the board. I even have the tacks and pins. I also have the magazines, ready for clipping. The issue is what to put on my vision board. I have way too many visions to condense into an artful display. Some weeks I want a Siamese cat, other weeks I want to move the family to a non-English speaking country, gosh sometimes I paint three quarters of our furniture white. My mood board would be the most multi personality board ever created. It could have me institutionalized if it was out for public viewing.

For now a mental vision board will suffice.

Text provided be http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com copyright 2013
Image courtesy of http://www.ministerofstyle.com

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  1. Jules

     /  October 2, 2013

    Haha hilarious!! Didn’t you vision purebred dogs in your life but got a child instead?


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