What’s your shopping repeat?

www.jessicasarahdotcom.comFashion although constantly evolving is also constantly repeating in some shape or form. I am always up for a new fashion trend. Even if the fashion trend takes a few months to grow on me (and become slightly passé…) I eventually adopt it. Take for instance the resurrection of skinny jeans. Everybody wears skinny jeans as a wardrobe staple these days. Ok it took a while but eventually the world listened to The Fashion Police and bang everyone on the face of the planet owns a pair of what were first questioned as 80’s repeat fashion….

However the point of this page is to discuss the question of “What do you constantly repeat fashion wise?”. Put it this way- Do you constantly stock up on a certain item or a certain style time and time again?

I do. I stock up on ruched sleeve tops. I am really partial to a bit of a “puff”. Or perhaps a “sculptured shoulder” might be more fashion politically correct term. Put it this way if I see a shoulder sticking out at any angle other than flat across the shoulder, I am tempted to purchase. If it is embellished in floral details even better. I have really gone out of late and purchased “puff shoulders” in leather as well as a taupe one (I know I am so crazy….)

I don’t just wear this style religiously infact I thought I had left it behind. I am 30 and I have grown up. I prefer the more refined blazer and a sleek tank. Well so I thought….

If you read “Heavenly Floral Trend” a few weeks ago I found out that floral was again in vogue. An online shop to ASOS found a plenitude of beloved floral puff creations. I had to get one. They are just so pretty. I had thrown all mine out in an attempt to pursue a more sophisticated fashion route. My must have floral puffed number, will you ever be permanently binned? I highly doubt it.

So what’s your shopping repeat?

Text provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com

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