Less or Luxe- L’occtaine & Natio Botanical Cleansers

natio gentle foaming cleanserlocctaine jessica sarahdotcomBotanical based face cleansers can be a bit hit or miss. Are they worth the price tag or are they just a bad concoction of detergents and random essential oils???

Botanical cleansers are often confused with overpowering, synthetic based and overly fragrant face cleansers that are labelled botanical or worse floral scented. Think nana gifts such as- lavender and rose washes, eek enough to make my skin crawl before its even out of its non biodegradable packet.

Genuine botanical skincare products are usually a little more on the pricey side of the skincare budget. Formulated with essential oils they can be very good or very bad. These are my two favourite Botanical based cleansers reviewed for your pleasure….

Luxe- Lócctaine Brightening Cleansing Foam rrp- $58- 150 ml

Lócctaine products first started to gain mass appeal in airport terminals. Those beautiful French Provincial stores caught my eye while wandering around waiting for a delayed flight many a time (well at least twice…). I bought the Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam a few months ago. I bought it for a couple of reasons- to hopefully reduce mild pigmentation (a not so great side effect of pregnancy) and it’s sell of a formula with rich anti ageing properties helped me part with $55.00 for 150ml of expensive alternative “soap”.

The Verdict-Very, very nice.

Anybody that uses Lócctaine will immediately inform you how lovely the product it. This possibly stems from the in store experiences being rather lovely. The Lócctaine Brightening Cleansing Foam smells divine and not remotely artificial (no reminiscence of that lavender wash you were given 5 years ago and hid in the back of the bathroom cupboard). One pump is all that is required from a formula that literally looks like a bottle of expensive water. LBCF lists citrus fruit peel as one of its hidden cleansing agents making it ideal for my combination skin. However I have heard reports those with dry skin are as equally impressed with this product. Basically Lócctaine leaves the skin refreshed and light. No residue, no oily film just clean skin. Not sure on the lightening effect of pigmentation however definitely brightened skin. Also available in a much cheaper eco refill pack for $44 containing double the amount (300mls) of this delicious product.

Less- Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser rrp-$14.95-$100mls

Nation products are often found in niche chemists. Natio formulas generally list vast amounts of essential oils. I had never tried a Natio product before this one. I purchased Natio’s GFFC as I was looking for a mild cleanser to calm my skin down after trialling some seriously strong exfoliates. Natio’s GFFC boasts a neutral pH which attracted my slightly irritated skin towards. Also attractive were the factors GFFC contains extra low levels of foaming agents to stop skin from feeling squeaky clean (in other words tight and uncomfortable).

The Verdict-Nice.

Natio’s product is very creamy for an essential oil cleanser. A 5 cent piece amount suffices per cleanse. GFFC is rather fragrant, although it may contain natural fragrances the smell is quite overpowering. Containing ingredients such as sandalwood I felt my skin smelt rather linen closet fresh… The cleanser contains glycerine which I could feel on the skin. This may be better for those with a drier complexion. For night time use this cleanser leaves a film on the skin the next morning for combination-oily skin. On the positive side it is very affordable at $14.95 per 100mls. This is a gentle product as its name clearly suggests. If you’re a fan aromatherapy scents you will love this product. All up a good product for the price.

Text provided by wwww.jesicasarahdotcom.com

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