The red boots that near launched a divorce….


I am lucky I have a husband that I don’t have to hide purchases from (apart from the odd one or two…). I get too excited and I have to show him about 5hrs after shopping has occurred. Apart from this occasion….

Three years ago we were travelling to England for a big holiday a really big holiday. First stop Melbourne. Husband is doing own thing for few days. I am having girl time with mum before 2 year holiday takes place. I have decided against spending a cent apart from perhaps food and drink. I am saving my funds for London.

Walking around the CBD my feet were killing me. My feet were blistered. The culprits were black ankle boots that were studded (possibly with lead).I think each shoe weighed at least 3 kgs. I needed new shoes, pronto.

I see a pair of red leather boots. Hmmm nice and expensive. Over the 300 dollar mark off memory however retailed at over $500. Why is it when something is knocked down from a ridiculous price even $325 dollars looks like a steal? The retail assistant was an older Italian man and before I knew what I was doing I had purchased the boots off this charismatic shoe salesman.

I actually felt bad, which is highly unusual. We hadn’t even made it across the world and I have already started purchasing non necessities. I know I will put them in suitcase and tell my husband that I bought them for 20 dollars on sale in a few weeks. A problem arises- my husband arrives early and I am standing in hotel room with mum in the brand new boots. Husband looks straight at boots. Mum looks straight at boots. I look straight at boots. I am as red as the boots.

“Nice boots, they look expensive” says husband “Thanks” replies me. “How much were they?” says husband. Mum is staring at me. Mum detests lying on all levels. Oh crap, dilemma. “They were $325”- I gulp. Husband looks annoyed, really annoyed. Hmmm this is awkward.

I can tell he thinks this is a ridiculous purchase. I justify it by telling him they are comfortable. They weren’t, the pointy toes were killing me.

Next day and we are at International Airport- tension still surrounds my footwear. My feet however were looking amazing. We were now checking in luggage- me feeling guilty. Until….

My husband is checking in a heavy cricket bag filled with cricket things (bats I suppose…). “This will be excess luggage sir?” asks the man behind the baggage counter… “Yes” responds husband. Computer generates figure. I am standing their thinking why is he taking this monstrosity of a bag across the world. “That’s $387 dollars sir” replies baggage man. I smile, this is fantastic news. My shoes were not the extravagance anymore the cricket bag is.

I don’t mention the price of the excess luggage and he doesn’t mention the red boots.

Moral of story-

Don’t take your truth loving mother on holidays…..

and definitely allow husbands to carry cricket bags on board without “batting” an eyelid…….
Text and Images provided by and copyright 2013

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