Confessions of an eyebrow fanatic…

tweezersWhen it comes to facial features you have to work with what you have got. Generally speaking unless you’re planning to embark on some major plastic surgery, features are there to stay love them or loathe them. Apart from….. Eyebrows.

Eyebrows, I am fanatical about mine. Why?

Well possibly because my eyebrows have seen some radical changes over the years.

– I started on a rather dramatic note when it came to my eyebrows. Naturally blessed (however at 13 I didn’t see it as a blessing) with thick uniform looking brows I literally shaved half my eyebrows off. I still cannot believe the courage it must have taken my 13 year old self to follow this rather horrendous teenage trend…..

A few years later I grew back the length in my brows but not the width. This was the 90’s however and no one had much brow to speak of. Again this eyebrow trend didn’t do me any favours and a lot of others for that matter.

Years on big eyebrows came back into vogue. I grew out my eyebrows about 5 years ago and I have never looked back…..

However….. Even if you do grow your eyebrows you still need to tidy your brows as you did before. Ok not as severely but they do require fine tuning frequently. I always pluck my own, well aside from this brow disaster…..

I was wandering around a shopping centre on holidays. I was in relaxed, lazy holiday mode. I saw a sign for waxing. Yes I needed my brows tidied up. I strolled in instantly getting an appointment. My words exactly were “Just a light tidy up…”. 3 minutes later the therapist had finished. I paid and I still hadn’t viewed the “tidied brows”. I caught a glimpse of myself in a passing mirror. I gasped in horror. I was furious. This was not a tidy up, this was an eyebrow abomination. I could not believe it I had two lines that resembled thin worms sitting oddly above my eyes. Oh god where had my beloved thick caterpillars gone?

I got home and tried to forget my eyebrows. I was meant to be having professional photos taken next week. These eyebrows were not photo ready, the eyebrows were a nightmare. I began to fill in bare skin with a trusted eyebrow pencil. I envisaged ringing the therapist to tell her she should quit her day job (I didn’t…. just). I kept filling and filling and stood back in the mirror. My husband walked in “Are you kidding?” I stared at my reflection, this was even worse. I washed off the war paint and went to bed. I woke and stared at my reflection. I raised a feeble looking brow. The brows hadn’t grown. This was worse than a too short haircut; I couldn’t cover these dreaded brows.

4 weeks later. My caterpillars were luckily back.

Moral of story- Pluck your own brows it’s cheaper and you can only blame yourself.

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