What’s really in a handbag?

Handbag ContentsWhat really lurks in the dark insides of handbags. Women’s handbags are full of the strangest items. I tipped all the contents of my bag out this morning to have an honest look at what lies beneath its lovely leather exterior. Ok, I didn’t bother including the overflow of receipts or the eyebrow pencil shavings that were scattered throughout the bottom of my handbag.

Today’s Bag Contents-

1. Wallet
2. Rubber Duck
3. Nappy
4. Thomas The Tank Engine Wooden Toy
5. Tampons (why do they never show these in celebrity bags??)
5. Bracelet
7. Make-Up Brush
8. Bookmark (just peculiar)
9. Lipstick
10. Lip Liner
11-1/8th of Eyebrow pencil
12-Loose change
13-Mini Perfume


Do I actually need to carry these items around? Some yes, I have a 2 years old- a nappy is fairly essential. Some no, I rarely reapply make-up through the day. A bookmark…?. A rubber duck… honestly am I planning to take a bath on an outing? No. Why do women carry such non necessities throughout the day???

Noticeably absent from my bag were keys and phone which are usually left on the kitchen bench just in case the bag gremlin mysteriously eats the both of them. Also a pen and preferably paper of some description were not included. I would love to be one of those people that can say “Yes I have a pen here….” instead of “I might have one in here somewhere………”

I could never have followed the seemingly short lived clear bag trend. I noted women getting out of limousines at Paris Fashion Week with see through clutches and handbags. Oh no, this is not me. Did these women carry only an YSL lipstick and an aesthetically pleasing coin purse for the entire duration of Paris Fashion Week? I doubt it, perhaps there “real” bag was left in the limousine parked just around the corner.

I believe it is the fear of the unknown as to why women carry non-essential hand bag items. What if I became stranded on a desert island or taken away on a surprise weekend mini break? I would be left without “shock horror” a splattering of foundation to cover my not so flawless skin. Maybe I would need that bookmark if I bought a book and found an important paragraph but I could not bear to dog ear the page. Or just maybe someone will ask me if I have a rubber duck handy? That will be the day.

So what lies beneath your handbag exterior?

Text and Images provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com

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