Best Luxe Mascara- Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Hypnose Doll EyesHypnose Doll EyesI Love great mascara. Mascara can be a real hit or miss purchase. I am rather fussy when it comes to painting my lashes. Anything flaky, clumpy or worse still mascara that leaves tell-tale marks on your upper lid can be left on the shelf when it comes to mascara.
I haven’t had much success with cheap mascara. As for waterproof mascara, I am far too lazy for the labour some task of removing the mascara. I have tried fibre lashes (where you can supposedly create a false set of lashes with the use of a mascara wand). I am not a fan of Fibre Lashes again way too time consuming. As for cheaper lines I don’t like Maybelline Great Lash mascara- I have no idea what all the hype is about on that one.

So what do I recommend…?

Without a doubt Lancôme’s Hypnose Doll Eyes. This mascara is truly amazing. The application time is literally seconds and it delivers big time. Black as black lashes and a formula that instantly thickens lashes without clumping. Lancôme’s HDE doesn’t flake or leave and residue. This truly is the cream of the crop.

Retailing around the $50 dollar price point it is expensive mascara. However Lancôme’s HDE last for ages-
I have had 2 gift with purchase mascara’s that are approximately 2 mls and they last me at least 2 months. That is 1ml a month for seriously great lashes!!

I bought this mascara for my wedding day. It was so good I didn’t even bother with false lashes (and that is saying something!!).

This product is my favourite mascara undoubtedly . Before HDE I dabbled with Dior and Mac on the higher end of the budget scale. Lancôme’s HDE is definitely the clear winner for me. If you’re not convinced, Lancôme offer gift with purchases quite regularly that usually include one of their must have mascaras in 2ml trial size or check out EBay for trial sizes from around $4.85.

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  1. I totally agree. Lancôme hypnosis mascara’s are the best. I use the waterproof one and have done for years. Their waterproof eyeliner is also the best one on the market.

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