The not so casual shoe….

DSC_0085It is a rare occasion that I buy a flat shoe. It’s an even rarer occasion when the shoe has laces and a sporty feel. Yesterday it happened I bought a pair of sensible shoes. Well they are partly sensible, apart from their hot pink and bright blue canvas exterior that is.

They really are funky. Problem is I am just not funky. I can be casual, stylish, minimal, edgy, girly, urban, glamorous, overdressed and pretty much anything in between those style lines. However the term funky doesn’t work with me. I don’t have a funky persona. Funky people dress funky without too much thought. Funky people would wear my new shoes with striped leggings, a full skirt (possibly with a cherry print), a mismatch of layered tops and a bold print cardigan topped of with a retro 50’s inspired hairdo.

I like these shoes. I really do. I put them on and I feel like I am playing dress-ups. This is because the shoes aren’t me. I do what other people would consider playing dress-ups on a daily basis. Dressy footwear is just a part of daily life for me. High heels or a heel of some description is an everyday occurrence. Flat funky shoes are just not part of the daily dress code. I am playing dress ups today in converse lookalikes. I feel ridiculous inside. I look completely normal on the outside.

What really happens in the life of a flat funky shoe wearer???

I wonder if I will act differently today in the casual shoe?

Will I be more approachable?
Will people be friendlier?
Will I get better service?
Will I get poor service?
Will anyone realize I am now back to 172 cm tall not the usual 179cm tall with the aid of a heel?

Will anyone even notice? Will anyone care?
I know the answer to this one. Nobody will remotely care apart from me.

Text provided by Copyright 2013

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  1. polymeet

     /  July 24, 2013

    cool looking shoes !!


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