The magic heated lash wand…. MODELco

modelco hlcurler

Sometimes a woman just buys things she truly does not need. This was the case last week. I was wandering around the mall and spotted something I truly didn’t need. There is was a …hot pink heated lash curler by MODELco and it was half price. I bought the product on the half price fact and two of my favourite celebrities are fans of this novel device.

After purchasing I soon went and bought batteries for this unneeded device. I was slightly embarrassed I had actually purchased it and decided not to show my husband till a few days later. He didn’t share my curiosity for the pink device rather a curiosity as to why women purchase such strange items.

A few days later I decide to test out this literally hot wand. I turn it on and follow instructions. I stand in the mirror brushing warm air onto my lashes. I do this for at least 5 minutes. It feels like several boring hours.

Next step mascara. I have that step down pat. I can apply mascara in about 20 seconds flat. I stare back at my reflection. My lashes do look longer and curlier after 5 minutes of boredom.

The outcome, good if you have the time and patience. Reserve it for a special night out, possibly not best used before quick trips to supermarket 5 minutes before close….

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