Death of a Handbag

chestnut embossed fossil bag

Today I decided my handbag was dead. I simply cannot keep using it. Ok, the handbag functions perfectly well. The handbag doesn’t have a faulty zipper or a broken strap. The handbag has simply had its day. It is worn and not fashionably so. Worn as in I need to throw it in the bin. The handbag has long seen its glory days.

Throw it away. I cannot do this. I simply love this bag.

The handbag itself is a Fossil leather bag. The bag was about $250.00 which although isn’t a lot for some in bag terms it was definitely enough to make me use it as my daily bag for the past few years. The handbag is made using lovely distressed leather, well it was lovely. Nowadays the handbag just looks distressed, literally fully distressed. The hand bag features a large dark milk stain (from the owner carelessly tossing a baby bottle in it and it leaking onto 40 per cent of the bag).

The bag in its glory days was the perfect go to bag. Dress it up, dress it down. Summer to Winter the bag worked. It bought an outfit to life, pulled it up on octave or two. Not now, in truth my handbag is starting to let the wardrobe down.

Even my husband wore my handbag, actually that’s a lie. Well he did once at the airport for 5 minutes as he had no other choice. It did look quite good though if I say so myself. Gee it really has been a good handbag.

I need a new handbag.
No pleather
No fakes
No bling
No outrageous colour
No black
No small handles

What to buy, what to do? This is such a first world issue- Why is this concerning me?
A woman is her handbag? I hear the fashion critics cry…
A woman is also her shoes… I hear as well….
I am confused.

I search online. I find it. I order it. But I still keep my old bag.

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  1. Jules

     /  November 23, 2013

    They have some really nice bags at kmart if your interested.

  1. What’s in my handbag? | Sams Happy Ever After

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