I don’t really like this gift- do you have the receipt?

gift disaster95% of the time I would like to say that. However as I am a people pleaser I refrain (just).

The truth is I am often disappointed with my Christmas and Birthday gifts. Yes I am 30 and I should grow up. Truth is I just don’t want the majority of items given to me. Sadly somebody spent hard earned cash on items I don’t really want. I understand the thought is there but I generally open a gift and think “If this thing looks like me, shoot me now”. I know I am harsh….. However it can be difficult to feign manic delight for a lavender scented moth ball repellent covered in purple chiffon. Especially when I know full well it is going to be thrown in the bin pronto. To be completely honest I throw a lot of gifts out as I hate hoarding. I know I am brutal and not remotely sentimental.

Don’t think it’s not that I think I give the great gifts known to man, I don’t. I simply avoid giving gifts. When I do purchase Christmas and Birthday gifts it involves selecting items that I know will possibly never get used or are just not liked. I know the gift will more than likely collect dust under the bed or at best become re-gifted.

Some people pride themselves on their Christmas and Birthday gift giving style. One year I heard a person (who I shall not name) glorifying their Christmas gift giving style (which is rather OTT) in comparison to another family. Everyone likes to think their Christmas and Birthday gift giving style is just a little bit more special than their next door neighbours. Christmas and Birthdays gift’s have become a day to keep up with the Jones’s.

I don’t go overboard at Christmas or Birthdays. I go under board. It makes up for the gifts I buy myself throughout the year. I re gift frequently, one year I re gifted nearly the entire gift collection from the previous year’s Christmas.

I guess you may be wondering what triggered such a poor attitude for Christmas and Birthday gift giving. I am fussy (obviously) and I became sick of getting excited over constantly imperfect disappointing gifts. They are just never perfect, I mean in saying that nobody has bought me a Chanel bag. Although I probably wouldn’t like that either. Why? Because I didn’t choose it. I would always carry my bag knowing it’s not the one I really deep down wanted.

Here is a rundown of my all time “What on earth were you thinking?” Christmas and Birthday gifts….

A c.d player without c.d’s at age 12. Great, however I had no actual c.d’s to use in my new c.d player. On the upside I had a really fancy radio.

A hiking jacket from an ex-boyfriend- Hideous and also I don’t actually hike, ever.

A three piece diamanté heart set. – Cute if you’re eight not twenty-eight.

Another ex-boyfriend bought a red paisley nylon boob tube with what resembled eight chiffon octopus arms flapping from the boob tube itself. Absolutely hideous and so early 90’s. Instantly binned when his back was turned.

A size 14 maxi dress when I was pregnant. My sister picked it obviously hoping I would really grow…… and not just outwards during my pregnancy. I was mortified.

A Self Help Book-What do you say to this? Thank you, I have been feeling insane of late.

I could go on, but I won’t. If you want to get me something get me a humorous card.

Text provided by jessicasarahdotcom.com copyright 2013- Please contact jesssarah14@yahoo.com if you wish to use this article for professional use.

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  1. Gilby

     /  July 17, 2013

    Well Jessica, i am never buying you a gift lol….
    However i will buy Ari a gift – the last one a crowd pleaser…..
    Take care Gilby


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