eBay coffee fuelled shopping blitz…..


It started as a normal day. At 5 pm I had my usual slump. I need sugar and caffeine, ideally both. My eyes fixed on the gourmet truffles looking innocently up at me.
The perfect truffles fix dark chocolate, 70% cocoa and filled with a delectable coffee inside. I ate two. One would have sufficed, however they were rather divine.
Fast forward to 11pm and I am lying in bed awake. Everyone else is asleep. Why am I awake? I have been up since a reasonable hour? I am awake now, fully awake. I get out of bed, alert. More alert than what I am at the best of times.
Apparently humans operate at their best at 10 am on a Wednesday. I was operating at my best at 1 am on a now Thursday morning.
I sit at the computer. My eyes adjust to the bright screen. I am sitting in an otherwise pitch black lounge room apart from the beacon of light called “The Computer”. I innocently type in http://www.ebay.com. I will just have a look……
It started by looking at cheap Korean knitwear. Excellent- free postage and handling included. Oh wow, a knitted jumper with a fox on the chest. How funky and how cheap- BID 1
Then I see it. Items viewed by people that also bought this item. Another fox jumper and this one is way better. Cashmere blend. Wow, how sumptuous. Expensive? Possibly but it is cashmere – BID 2
I need an outfit for a 70th Birthday. Stylish but different, sexy but not too sexy as it is a family friendly occasion- I know I want a jumpsuit. I find it black silk, fitted waist, sleeveless – BID 3
Gee I am really quite selfish; I begin perusing children’s designer wear bargains. “Diesel Toddler Winter Coat, wow bargain-BID 4
H&M Toddler Boys Khaki Trench- Bid now $5.50- Instantly bid without hesitation-BID 5
Trench coats are on my mind. I want a Burberry Trench. Before my eyes several pages of Burberry Trenches are uploaded. Too Expensive, I re word search – “Vintage Burberry Trench”. I scroll through- Tartan Trench, Never Worn, Mint Condition. Buy now- $500.00 or bid now $27.50, the size is an 8 is it a vintage 8? I look for measurements. I don’t want a $500 dollar trench with sleeves at elbows length. I can’t find a measuring tape and I add it to online “wish list”. The auction has 8 days to go anyhow.
Start to feel tired, bed, sleep, and morning appears I am awake but not alert. I remember last night. Was I drunk? No I was under the influence of something. Last night I had just committed an eBay coffee fuelled rampage.
I won’t win any of it, I thought. I am notoriously outbidded on eBay at the last minute.
Not this time….
I check my messages- CONGRATULATION’S YOU HAVE ONE……… x5
I won every single item.
The moral of the story- Never bid online under the influence of any description- Unless you have a penchant for fox jumpers.

Images provided by http://www.cleverbird.co.uk & http://www.karmaclothing.co.uk
Text provided by http://www.jessicasarahdotcom.com copyright 2013

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