Finding passion in life….


What’s your passion?
Have you even had a conversation with someone and you have been asked this question? Chances are you have.

Depending upon life’s circumstances will possibly depend upon how you answered the question. Do you launch into a speech about your passion for whatever ignites your heart and soul or simply reply “I have no idea?”

A few years ago my circumstances had become mundane, isolating and uninspiring. I would definitely have replied the latter. Life had come to a standstill passion wise and I knew I needed a kick start in the passion department…

Are you searching for passion?

For starters, I am not an expert on finding passion. This is just my thoughts on finding the elusive passion…

Firstly I can tell you now anyone searching for passion in life wont find it by living their life as they currently do and merely hoping passion will come out and bite them. Change is required on some level.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to find passion. Passion seems to be enabled in small steps. If you have always been interested in painting you need a brush, some paint and a blank surface. You do not need a million dollar art gallery on day one of finding your passion.

A passion isn’t immediately going to bring in the big dollars. If you’re passionate you will happily do it for free. You’re very lucky if passion and money align. However those that live in their passions often do align the two overtime and are very successful happily doing so.

Passion can be sparked by an idea of “Maybe I could do that?”. Even if it wasn’t the right “idea” it will usually direct you closer to where your passion lies.

Passion can be obscure. Your passion might be selling vintage Chanel bags or producing the perfect gourmet sausage.

Passion is found by the individual not others. How many times have you heard a person say “You should do that” or “You would be good at that” as complimentary as that is real passion lies within us. Passion can go against the grain of what others may think.Only you will know where your passion lies.

Ask yourself what truly interests me? If you cant answer that question- what sets off your curiosity button?.

Passionate people attempt- Ever had the niggling feeling you desire something however you lack the confidence, discipline or ability ? Attempt what draws you to it anyway- everyone is a beginner at some point in life.

I guess you are wondering if I know if I have found my passion?

I am passionate about writing and creating. I write and create daily to what I believe stimulates further passion even if it is only for five minutes.

By all accounts I believe passion grows more passion. Now go and find your passion…….

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  1. Interesting, There are many people start to do something that can make big money and they walk out in 1 – 3 months. Because they don’t love what they do actually,
    Passion may make big income in overnight. but we willing to do it entire our life. πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you for your thoughts Kenessar- πŸ™‚


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