Paint your lips red… I dare you


Pour yourself a drink….
Put on some lipstick….
And pull yourself together….
Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor may not have mentioned the colour but I imagine it was red. As for drink choice….. I imagine it wasn’t lemonade.

Red Lipstick- Do you dare to wear?

I always thought red lipstick should be reserved to those with large luscious lips of perfect symmetry.I preferred to forget my fine lips and focus on features I preferred eyes, brows, hair and generally left my fine lips out in the cold.

If I did wear lipstick it was always pale and usually a gloss. I steered clear of the somewhat scary bright colour drenched bullet lipsticks peering up at me from beauty counters. Until one fine day…..

Well truth be told, I didn’t actually buy my first red lipstick. My lipstick was infact a free gift with purchase (a very expensive purchase might I add). My initial reaction to the shade was something to the effect of “Oh honestly, what am I going to do with that?….”. It was red, the most red my make-up bag had ever seen.

I jammed it in the bathroom cupboard and forgot about it. Until another fine day…..

Initially I put it on half as a joke. I looked at my now not so fine looking lips looking straight back at me. Hmmm that’s not too bad. I raided the cupboard for a lip liner for a bit of added definition and hey presto- Red Lips!

These days I am such a red lip convert. Give the red lip a whirl if you haven’t already. Go on I dare you… you might just surprise yourself!!!

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