Holiday Suitcase Packing Theory….

-Holiday Packing Take 2

-Holiday Packing Take 2

-Wardrobe Packing Take 1

-Wardrobe Packing Take 1

Packing for holidays– I Love it and partly hate it. As soon as the idea of “Holiday” appears in our household I start mentally packing and sometimes physically. However physically is a waste of time if your holiday is over 3 months away it results in slowly unpacking the contents of your suitcase over the waiting period. There is also a strong possibility with premature packing it will actually be another season by the time you actually board destination “Holiday”.

The concept of packing- A small bag (if choosing the carry on option) or slightly larger if you are going along the checked in baggage lines- however never quite large enough to incorporate everything you might just need. I usually start with packing a “theme” as you can see by shot 1 very subdued classic items. I reassess it all and deem it way too mundane and I end up packing something more eclectic and edgy…see shot 2 (in my mind, perhaps not others….). Finally it becomes a jumble of the two resulting in fashion chaos….

There are about a zillion articles written on what to pack for travel whether it be a trip to the Caribbean, back packing around Asia , perusing museums in Italy or visiting your mother 3 hours away (actually not the last one) . I have read a whole lot about what to pack and there is even a “special” term for it “Capsule Packing”.

Yes the capsule suitcase, doesn’t that sound terribly organized. The capsule suitcase in my mind would consist of a Louis Vuitton suitcase (leather not canvas) filled with envelope folded clothing in cashmeres, silks and other luxury fabrics. It may even have foldable coat hangers (with soft parts to not harm luxury fabrics) that can be bought out for airing while the capsule suitcase owner sleeps peacefully while hydrating her skin with a La Prairie mask… oh and the capsule owner is not in first class …way beyond that. The capsule suitcase owner is in a pod.

My suitcase packing never conjures up images of such organization. Instead it sports rolled up, jammed in, last minute items zipped into every pocket available and last minute panic of “Oh my god, did I pack my make-up bag?”. Followed by asking “Has anyone seen my passport this morning?”.

Do I pack well??? Not overly but I have a theory….

Apparently the average woman wears 40% of their wardrobe and I believe it to be the same when it comes to suitcase packing. I wear 40% of my packed items and aim to purchase the other 60%…..

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  1. cool!outfit!love these shoes!:)

  2. Thank you, I love the shoes too!!!

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