Lace revisited….

DSC_1310Miss Shop Essentials  Lace TopTrendLaceElla Moss Celeste Top Saks Fifth AvenueI love lace, particularly cream lace. Lace is often reserved for “after 5” (does anyone use that term now??), however lace and sunlight can be a rather fabulous mix.

I remember cheap lace overload late 1990’s era- nylon, tight, midriff sitting usually with a strip of a fraction more nylon over the bust area. This is where lace can get really ugly. For such a pretty fabric lace can look down right cheap and nasty. Pairing tight cheap lace with bright underwear underneath, is not chic, not cool, however totally trashy if you would like to head down that path….

Lace always seems to get a seasonal update- currently it appears to be paired with denim, khaki and a lot of black leather. I am envisaging lace will be paired next with caramel leather, that’s my trend forecast prediction anyhow….Even if it doesn’t I will be sporting it.

Top Lace Tips for Daylight Lace Looks-

Lace can be urban– Bohemian (most over used fashion term ever) and Lace is a true match made in heaven. Bohemian which sadly really is… so yesterday (however pretty) can be made urban with a baggy lace long sleeve tee(picture top $20.00 at ,vest, skinnies and a hot pair of ankle boots-always a good look.

Lace can be ultra chic- Loving the above image from of a khaki shirt and lace skirt. Try it out by teaming a man style shirt tucked into a fitted pencil skirt and add a sleek caramel heel for maximum chic.

Lace can be tough- Pair it with leather and don’t just think black- loving green and plum shades in leather. Cream lace and caramel leather is something to lust over also…Leather skirts for a winter day’s look their best in a pencil style just above/on knee or skater style.

Lace can be luxe- Lace doesn’t have to be expensive to look good (Saks Fifth Avenue $63.68 pictured bottom left). Get tactile and feel the fabric and look for cotton or silk blends to avoid looking well cheap… in nylon (otherwise known as stand too close to the heater and burn a hole in it fabric).

Blogger Style Notes– Miss Shop Essentials 3/4 Lace Tee $20.00 available online or in store at

Images courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue , ,

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