Vintage Clothing- Just a bad case of fancy dress?

Vintage Frock

I really like the idea of vintage. The idea of wearing a treasured, tailored, quality garment from the 20’s through to the 70’s (avoiding 80’s and 90’s though) really strikes me as a good idea.

The pro’s you can supposedly buy vintage Chanel at an eighth of the price. The fabrics were made to last a life time rather than a season and it has a feeling of sentimental nostalgia to it. Who wouldn’t want to wear vintage?

If you read how to wear vintage the style gurus of vintage will tell you to work it with modern pieces. A fantastic idea. However…. it is easier in writing than in reality.

My vintage find- A 1970’s dress from an Iconic Australian designer, Carla Zampatti. The dress is even hand sewn on the cuffs and hem line. The sewing looks anything but industrial and it appears that it could have been one of the first Carla Zampatti’s EVER. Well in my warped mind anyway…..

It is definitely early 70’s if not before. Zampatti of memory started supplying Australia with her designs late 60’s. It is definitely an early piece.It still has the tags hand sewn into the seams. Its just sooooo vintage, what a find, I thought at the time of purchase. Its not in perfect condition though. It has a wine mark or 3 on it. The wine marks actually make me like it even more. Somebody had a roaring great time in this dress. I imagine as the dress was bought from inner fashionable Melbourne it was possibly worn to a fabulous show or a decadent cocktail party with coloured cocktail onion skewers being handed out on silver leaf engraved platters. Yes someone lived in this dress, just not me.

The dress is to be honest is dated, dated beyond belief. Yes it has lasted possibly 50 years and hasn’t lost an inch of its ludicrously orange colour (however fabulous it was 40 years ago..). Yes it is from an iconic designer and it is vintage. However it looks shocking no matter how I wear it. It is not a good look. I can not tone it down and I can not modernize it. The dress belongs in a museum not on a 2013 body. I have tried it on again and again and at best it would be perfect for a 1970’s party and that’s about it.

The point– Vintage can be very good but when it is bad it is horrid.

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