Trend- Monochrome for Less….


Black and White or more fashionably noted as “Monochrome” is an ever stylish combination. This year it had moved into trend, some may say monochrome is trending in fact. Monochrome is one of the easiest looks to pull together particularly on a budget.

Look for key pieces such as blazers, dresses and accessories. Stand alone pieces such as geometrical print shift dresses provide an eye popping yet streamlined feel. Functional and stylish striped skirts look great paired with a solid black or white top. A Monochrome blazer creates class over a stark black dress. Keep footwear black or white for a refined feel.

Cheap Chic Monochrome Wardrobe Trend Makeover-

Shop Your Existing Wardrobe First!!!-
-Your wardrobe will most likely have lots of staple pieces such as your black blazer, black pants, white shirt/top and black heels. Shopping your wardrobe first allows you to see what you have to work with. Remember monochrome is as simple as a white shirt tucked into a classic black pencil skirt.

The Update

The Clothes-
A dress is a great investment for the monochrome trend as it will work with your existing wardrobe.

The Find- Target has a great Ponte Panel Dress for $49.95 (featured bottom left). It has a refined cut and is perfect as a stand alone piece or worn with a black blazer. This piece will give you years of wear as its style never tends to date. I have also included Cue’s new splice cut dress retailing at $229.95 (featured top right). Cue pieces are really functional.Although Cue isn’t exactly a steal it will offer years of wear.

A monochrome pencil skirt is another inexpensive wardrobe update.

The Find-The pencil skirt featured is from “Own The Runway” retails at just under 15 pounds (and internationally ships). Perfect for nailing the monochrome trend and is again going to stay stylish for more than 5 minutes.

The Shoes-
This fantastic tutorial on You Tube provides a monochrome update on your old heels check it out at-, now that’s budget savvy & fashion forward!!!If you want to update your look on a larger budget try the streamlined “Hocus” chunky sandal from ASOS retailing under $60.00. A very on trend shape that will see you through for a couple of seasons with its contemporary styling.


Monochrome looks fantastic when worked in with sleek hair,simple clean make-up and a bright lip.

Blogger Style Notes- I shopped my existing wardrobe for this look- A geometric print shift from Portmans, My staple Black Blazer from Boo Radley, Patent Leather Belt from Cue. What am I going to update this season? The footwear, definitely could update this look with a more contemporary looking ankle boot!!
Images provided by- , , ,, and Own The Runway

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