Shoe Lust

Filo 795





“I would hate someone to look at my shoes and say……

“Oh My God! They Look So Comfortable!!!!”      Christian Louboutin



In many social situations my footwear creates an issue. Last week I had an all day shopping bonanza with my mother. Instantly upon seeing yours truly my mother says “You look nice” followed immediately by “Are you feet going to be comfortable?”. Honestly, by the end of the day… possibly not as comfy as her feet in converse flat soles. On the contrary… I know my feet secretly enjoy their arches stretched and strained as I trot about town. Pretty feet are usually slightly sore feet. Its a price I am more than willing to pay. I can run in heels (in an unco-ordinated fashion), I can spend 8 hours in heels, comfort is just is not an issue for me.  Don’t bother ask me if my feet are comfortable, they probably aren’t, I don’t care and I have no intention of giving them up!!!



Images provided by Barneys New York- Filo $795 available online

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