Book Review for fashionista’s- Grace a memoir

grace voguecoddingtongrace coddington

If you watched The September Issue then you undoubtedly remember the shining star of the whole documentary. You guessed it… Grace Coddington. Coddington is known as the superbly talented Creative Director for U.S VOGUE. Not only is she supremely talented but she has a truly intriguing character. Coddington at 72 rose to more prominent fame through 2009’s The September Issue. Coddington sported her trademark crazy unkempt red locks and a witty, sharp yet warm demeanour bringing “The September Issue” to life. In a sea of a seemingly blank faced VOGUE employees Grace Coddington provided a dose of “real” in an unreal world.

Coddington may have provided us with a sense of “real” however she really is a true genius of her craft. Coddington’s ability to create unique sets and props are anything but real. If your a fan of photography as opposed to fashion you could not help to love her stunning and unique images.

Coddington comes from a modelling background – winning a competition as a fresh faced 17 year old. Coddington had great success with her unique look. Roughly 10 years on Coddington was involved in a car accident resulting in the loss of her eyelid, requiring plastic surgery. 2 years later Coddington was hired as a junior editor for British Vogue and from there the story stems.

Grace a memoir provides a witty sassy clever memoir. If you only read one book this winter make it this one.

Grace- A Memoir by Grace Coddington available at″>Grace:AMemoir<imgsrc="

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