Fabulous Wardrobe….Boring Shoes

barneysI have a fabulous wardrobe full stop. It really is fabulous. I have everything in there imaginable. I really have enough clothes to clothe all seven of my other fashion personalities. For starters I am not a professional person. I am a full time mother. However this doesn’t stop me buying professional outfits. I think deep down I am planning to attend an interview to be the CEO of Myer. I have that outfit all ready. Its peach scoop neckline, elegant cap sleeve, a modest knee hemline with the most fabulous cut waist. I feel like an 80’s powerhouse business woman in my own home. It was expensive but it was half price despite still reaching into the 200 dollar plus price…

However please don’t think I am a clothing snob and only shop in places of distinction. Oh no I shop anywhere!!! I recently was channelling my inner Hollywood Starlet (really appropriate look for playgroup) and purchased a fur jacket circa 1950’s from an op shop. Oh its so fluffy and glamorous with its short box shape and silver grey fur it really was to die for (actually its fake, so don’t start throwing tomato sauce all over me just yet!!). I could just see myself wearing it to some fabulous venue with movie star shades on. Ok I haven’t worn it out of the house yet, but its there.What a steal for $35 dollars….

I also have what I call my nautical collection. We recently moved to a seaside town. Although it is mostly about 4 degrees in temperature the idea of sea side living sent me into a frenzy of blue and white striped tees and tanks, navy high waisted shorts and pants. Gosh given the chance I would have probably invested in a sailor’s hat to really set the tone.

Then there is those fabulous fashion pieces or one hit wonders. I really had a thing for the neon trend. My fabulous husband took this one step further and knowing my taste of the season bought me an outrageous neon rainbow dress right of the streets of chapel street and sent from France. I know I am incredibly spoilt.. Have I worn it? Once to a cocktail party in the middle of winter. Yes, I was cold but really will it last the test of time…. possibly not (sorry honey you broke my rule of buying timeless expensive pieces). Fear not this was not a waste. The dress will definitely stay in the wardrobe forever . It will be one of those pieces that I want to drag out when the kids are teenagers and say ..look what your mother used to wear when she was young…ish!!!

So in a nutshell I have a whole lot of choice but don’t worry I often have not a thing to wear. But I did notice when I opened up my overflowing wardrobe and looked down at the shoe situation. The rainbow of colours was not reflected in the footwear department. I started counting. I had over 10 pairs of beige/tan shoes in every possible style the ankle boot, the chunky ankle boot, the knee high, the mid wedge, the t bar sandal, the stacked wedge, the chunky mule, the sling back even the ballet flat bore into tan/beige territory.Even my new outrageous walnut leopard print shoes you guessed it prominently tan/beige.

I have always prided myself on not having a shoe obsession and then I realised I had one and its not an exciting one at that. I have a collection of beige/tan shoes my nan would probably be bored by. My reason they go with everything and you don’t need many pairs, but I have 10 pairs!!! I am not stopping buying tan shoes. I am still searching for a pair of reasonable priced Isabel Marant Dicker Boots of course in trustworthy tan/beige…With my list of other must have buys they will be truly vintage by the time I have my very own.

God I only hope I haven’t been judged by the saying “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes”.What a boring person I would appear to be.I only hope I can distract their eye with a fabulous outfit. Yes, in retrospect I should probably purchase that sailor hat for next season.

barneysImage courtesy of Barneys

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